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69 et affinités

... Ce qui m'a réveillée ? La bouche sèche et, de ce fait, mal respirer. Et lorsque j'ai pris conscience, l'envie de boire. A coté de moi, Christ et Véro dorment. Doucement je me dirige vers la salle… Lees meer

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Notte sul lago


... Viaggiamo piano, l'auto sembra quasi scivolare fra le ombre di una notte senza stelle. La stretta strada segue le insenature del lago e la luna si riflette appena, mascherata da nuvole nere… Lees meer

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Adult Education 6


... As I explored deeper, it hit me with force. I wanted to share my heart with Amy, and I couldn't live without her. I was already lost, and the only path was to double down and get closer to her. So… Lees meer

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Saturday Night

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... It's late Saturday night We’re sitting in the living room and we’ve been drinking for a while now the k**s are finally asl**p and we’re both showered shaved and relaxed you slip upstairs and after… Lees meer

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Liebe, Tod und Neuanfang Kapitel 11 und 12


... Als ich morgens aufwachte, war es bereits hell. Hatte ich erwartet, dass Eva entweder noch schlief oder im Bad war, wurde meine Erwartung nicht erfüllt. Sie lag auf der Seite, war mir zugewandt… Lees meer

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Acting as a cougar on a warm Friday's night

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... Acting as a cougar in a warm Friday night As usual like mostly Friday nights in the year, I was home alone; my loving Victor on a week end quick trip out of town. It was summer and I was really… Lees meer

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... c'etait plus fort qu'elle des qu'un homme portait un vetement evocateur elle ne pouvait s'empecher d'imaginer son sexe d'essayer de deviner leur forme si le gland etait gros ou non les couilles… Lees meer

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Peter, ch. 2 - Debbie gets some details


... We were three drinks into the evening by the time we ordered food. So we were feeling pretty good. Despite Peter being in his upper 50s and about 10 years older than me, he could definitely hold his… Lees meer

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Curious WM 30 Ch. 04


... cfnm – bisexual male – gay oral – gay blowjob – femdom Angela's comment about Phil returning brightened my day. It had been fun being Angela's pet but I was beginning to miss Phil. I liked the feel… Lees meer

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More great wanking


... Well another night out with friends and as I hoped a few of us were heading back to Garys house. Gary is a work colleague of my wife and the guy I first experienced the pleasure of mutual wanking… Lees meer

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Ana en la piscina del club


... Ana en la piscina del club Hacía mucho calor en esa mañana de verano y Anita me propuso ir al club para disfrutar de la piscina. Aunque era Sábado, yo me había traído algunos papeles de la oficina… Lees meer

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My first bi experience...

AnaalEerste keerHomo

... Years ago, just after I was legal...but not really "Experienced" in the ways of the world, I was a horny 18 year old.I lived near a large city that had it's 'seedy side"...i.e. adult book stores… Lees meer

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New Beginning


... All summer, Lisa had dreaded the thought of this week. Her only c***d was leaving for college and she faced endless days and nights virtually alone. Lisa's husband, when he was even home, either paid… Lees meer

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Familienfeier 19 und Ende

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... Ein kurzer Anruf bei Svens Mutter und alles war erledigt, sie war froh, dass ihr Junge nach sehr langer Zeit wieder Anschluss gefunden hatte. „Wenn es ihnen nichts ausmacht, kann er bei ihnen bleiben… Lees meer

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My first time with an older woman

Eerste keerHardcore

... This is a true story that happened in 2001. At the time I was 19, been out of school for a year. Before that I had gotten blowjobs, sucked on some tits, fingered some girls, but never officially… Lees meer

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L Is for Lucy


... This was it. IT! THE chance of a lifetime. The sort of evening I'd been waiting so long for. A couple of times I'd thought my chance had come but each time something had gone wrong, someone had… Lees meer

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Mann hilft wo MANN kann!

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... Mann hilft wo MANN kann! Mann hilft wo Mann kann byspringbreak© „Möchtest du noch ein Gläschen Wein?" fragte Andreas „Ja gerne" antwortete ich ohne zu Zögern. Der Abend war einen einzige… Lees meer

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Repeat Encounter


... The encounter with my married friend I wrote about earlier has had many starts and stops. For the first few months we got together whenever the opportunity presented itself for one of us to host… Lees meer

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About Gerrit + Erika Part ONE


... @@@@@@@@_NETTE_BÄRIN_@@@@@@@@@ ___________ About Gerrit + Erika ___________ ________________ Part ONE ______________ @@@@@@@@_NETTE_BÄRIN_@@@@@@@@@ Frühjahr 1985. Im vergangenen Herbst, zum 1… Lees meer

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My Second time Bi Experience, the Second Hour!


... Ok, I had just had my first Bi KISS and first CUM Kiss with Tom who was just as Happy as he could be. After our kiss, he said how much he was enjoying introducing me to the Bi life. So here we stand… Lees meer

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