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My Wedding


... the truth. I begged her not to call me that, but she was adamant. I was her sissy and I would ... control of my toilet needs full time. She was adamant that she could come to my home 3 times a day ... , but she was adamant. In case of naughty accidents, overnight, I would be heavily diapered and I should… Lees meer

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A Day at the Beach


... mouth. As Alexis choked on the sudden invasion of her mouth Adam pushed in and out of her ... . Alexis closed her eyes and allowed herself to slip into a quick nap. The man who stood over ... . Alexis opened her eyes and was startled to see what appeared to be a very angry man glaring down… Lees meer

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... brightened when she saw me. In her usual giddy voice, she said, "Thank God, you are here Ted, Alexis ... that hard, Baby?" Without hesitation I confirmed, "It's all you Alexis." Her smile went wide and she ... ," and "Fuck me in front of your mommy" and "Holy shit, Alexis, no wonder you can't resist him." I… Lees meer

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Lesbische sex

... :// AA: Aubrey Adams (da AuA) ... /abbey_brooks.html AB: Alexis Brill (da AlBr) AB ... (da AiFo) AF: Alexis Ford (da AlFo) http… Lees meer

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Index of models' initials

Lesbische sex

... /554986/asa_akira.html AA: Aubrey Adams (da AuA) ... : Abbey Brooks (da AbB) AB: Alexis Brill ... :// AF: Alexis Ford (da AlFo) meer

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Tied to the Bed


... me!" Adam said, wondering what could be so important. "Okay, so get this. You know how Alexis ... ?" Adam asked, suddenly very interested in hearing about anything involving sex and Alexis. "Well get ... on the weekend. Alexis's Instagram often ended up as a veritable fantasy factory whenever Adam happened… Lees meer

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Exxxatcy Conventio 2010 Chicago,Iliinois July 18th


... feel all over them,then Wow she Kissed me on my left Cheek!!!! Legend Ginger Lynn was there, Adam ... & Eve's contract girl Alexis Ford,Sarah Jay,Tay Stevens,Just some many to mention. Well I did… Lees meer

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Anal lessons


... match with Adam this morning. He knew about Adam's reputation with the ladies and had heard specifics ... from Jill, a lady whom he met the at the tennis club the other day. According to Jill, Adam ... , and knew from his friendship with Adam that the same was true for him. So, Mike thought that his two… Lees meer

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One Intriguing Evening

Groep sex

... Adam know we’re back…” John dropped his coat on a peg and looked around the flat as Vicky ... inside me tonight Adam, I couldn’t wait to get home. I need you and John to fuck me… Again and again ... the door open into the bedroom and made his entrance. Vicky’s lover Adam laid on his back… Lees meer

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Early Perversions


... shows was the old Bat Man series with Adam West. I was very aroused by Cat Woman, but I was especially… Lees meer

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The ex files - Sharing Emma.

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... but he was adamant that he wasn't going to give in and just sat there drinking. After the argument… Lees meer

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I’m still dreaming of fucking her sexy ass


... couldn’t resist. I think the Devil seduced Adam by presenting him houris’ curves! She had an ass like… Lees meer

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Hayden Panettiere's Hero

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... it around her shoulders. “Hi there, I’m Adam.” The young girl sniffled and accepted my jacket ... . “No thanks Adam. I’m good, say would you like me to sign your box set?” Hayden asked, looking ... to fuck me now Adam?” Hayden asked as she looked over her shoulder at me with a wicked grin, she… Lees meer

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8 Days Chapter 1


... like she had the face of Andi Anderson and the body of Alexis Texas, two of my favourite porn stars… Lees meer

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The Naiads: Chapter Four

Sex humor

... roommate Sierra arrived unexpectedly, followed by Alexis, her other roomie, an intriguing red head ... voices and laughter. I was introduced randomly as Ashley and Sierra and Alexis greeted their guests ... heard a voice ask, "Who else is coming?" Alexis replied, "Denise, for sure. And..." she paused… Lees meer

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the Earth Day

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... have given you Adam to be your husband. And look, here’s his twin b*****r Dave. A serene erotic… Lees meer

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Une salope dans tout ses états (premier chapitre).

HardcoreSex humor

... Je me présente, Alexis, 23 ans, en fac de droits. Je vais vous raconter une histoire qui, encore… Lees meer

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Tammys new job

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... imaginable. With someone you don’t know from Adam, it’s no different to giving them a massage. In fact… Lees meer

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Becoming his girl (Sissy story by GirlyGay)


... , and this is Adam. It's getting kinda hot out here, let's head up to our place. We followed them, sandals ... daintily, and listening as Adam and Dave busied themselves in the kitchen making more drinks. "OK ... to my room." I looked over at Nick and Adam. Nick's hand was already running up and down the front… Lees meer

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23de 23: Mère et Fils: une histoire d'


... et Adam, Sally et Suzie qui hantent mes rêves de temps en temps. Je repense à Pierrot et Mick… Lees meer

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