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Paul part 2


I'd made all of the arrangements for the gardening work with Paul, so his mobile number was in my contacts. The day after he and his friends had been in our garden for the afternoon, he rang me in the morning. I was at work, still feeling a bit dazed that I'd had four young men inside me the previous afternoon, the last drops of their cum dripping out of me and making my panties damp. Wishing I'd let them all have me again (and again). And horny as hell. But I was at my desk, so couldn't take his call. I sent him a text to say I'd ring back when I got home. His reply was a WhatsApp message wit… Lees meer

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"Walk Of Shame Of The Year" awards

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I'd just received a dickpic on my Kik :o It was huge and was the guy I was hooking up with later that night ... I'd just been buying some new slutty underwear and was on my way out of the shop, then BAM!?! I crashed with this brick wall of a man and spontaneously bursted out "Hey, jackass, look where you're going!?!" He grabbed my jacket and pushed me against the wall and pulled out a baton, pushed it against my throat :o Turned out he was a big security guard in uniform :o -"What the fuck did you say, miss?!?" He was furious ... -"Oh, no! Please no, sir! I was just distracted on my phone, my… Lees meer

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Homophobe schooled

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When I was a young man I had a thing about teasing gays, I'd laugh at them, tease them about having cum on the heels of their shoes, shit like that. Just being mean telling them I was an "exit only" kind of guy. I was mercyless and I paid a big price for a few years later. I was in another town only a few hundred miles from my home town just checking it out after landing a new job there. I went into sports bar there to have a couple drinks. This guy came up to me and asked " are you Spike?" I said "yes" and he proceded to tell me his name and where he went to school. Turns out he was one of… Lees meer

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Ariel Chronicles: Cougar of Soho part 1


Ariel Chronicles: The London connection. Cougar of Soho. It’s normally good practice to start your story at the beginning but this tale must start in the present, then we’ll systematically work back, finally revealing how I arrived at where I am. I will provide a short synopsis of my past to give you the reader an insight into where I am and will clarify in much greater detail in future chapters. I have an almost insatiable sex drive. My name basically sums up my chosen lifestyle, Ariel Dark. I recently turned forty years old, which no one believes due to my very smooth tight skin. My hair… Lees meer

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On leave from West Germany and the US Air Force I was staying with my late parents and younger brother in eastern Washington, Sister Anna having married in 1966. I met a man named Ted Dissley who my parents rumoured as being “queer” as he,d never married and was fifty years old, but seemed nice and a keen fisherman which I love to do. We met in the local greasy spoon cafe as he came in for breakfast and lunch. He Didn,t work as he had loads of money he,d inherited, but loved to work on vintage cars which brother Austin also liked to do. My parents did not like Austin associating with him and w… Lees meer

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I Simply Love To Fuck

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I Simply Love To Fuck By: Londebaaz Chohan Somehow, I absolutely hate labelling the human beings for their sexuality or on the basis of their sexual orientation. Reason being that I never thought, I was gay and truly loved pussy licking and fucking. I had girlfriends when my cock needed them. My very first girlfriend was such a cock hungry bitch. She just could not live without sucking me off every chance she got. As a matter of fact, all her daily 3-liter requirement of liquids was my ball’s juice given to her orally or through her pussy. She would wear me out all the times and stil… Lees meer

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How I'm going to get fucked.


Doris likes to write me little storys for me to read while I'm wanking if I have to stay away from home for a night. I've not edited it or done anything to it, I just copy and pasted it from WhatsApp. Isn't he sweet, making sure I'm turned on during my evening wanking sessions., sastergri Hi duchess, enjoy my love, I'm unsure where we got to in part 2 of the fucking story but I'll do my best to try and maintain continuity. Wait till your room mate falls asleep. Then get your wonderful sensitive fingers knuckle deep in your twat. Love you loads. You perv! Once more i slide out of you,… Lees meer

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Part 3 of one of our fucking sessions


Doktordoris writes me little pornographic storys. Part factual accounts of what we get up to, part description of what he's going to do to me later. Bits of it probably only make sense to us. And they will be unedited and not error checked. I just copy and pasted it from WhatsApp to here. He sent me this when I was away from him for a few days, so I could have a wank at night whilst reading about myself. Sweet of him don't you think? ########################################## Part 3 I'm unsure where we got to in part 2 of the fucking story but I'll do my best to try and maintain continui… Lees meer

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Barbie: The Sex Doll


Barbie: The Sex Doll - Adaptation ( G. Translate) Content: Fetish (Dolls), Hardcore, Fantasy A long time ago I wrote about my love for this doll, considered very controversial by many, with some reason, because Barbie is the sexual object with which many of us began. This is my experience summarized and edited with the Barbie doll, and as until today I use it for my deepest desires. I decided to write about this after reading the next author AJ Homes (A Real Doll) this resembles my experiences like this I decided to write this confession ... It all started at a very young age, as every li… Lees meer

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A friend of my friends feet


A couple of years back I was at home relaxing when I recivied a phone call from my best friend. Basically telling me to come chill. So I ended up going over there to play video games and whatnot. When I pulled up, my friends were all outside. There were alot of people outside, which always made us wanna go outside(he lived in an apartment complex). He knew everyone that lived there, literally everyone! It was a beautiful mild day..birds chirping, k**s having fun, the ice cream man passing by lol it was beautiful. We were messing around with each other, play fighting and cracking jokes on each… Lees meer

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The Zodiac Sign You'll Have The Best Sex With


1. Aries (March 21 - April 19): Sexual Style: Passionate and impatient, these lovers want to get down to business. They're not into wooing you with flowers and romance. They're actors, not dreamers, and they prefer a spicy, energetic romp to a drawn-out lovemaking session. "They want what they want, and they want it now," says Vega. If what they want is you, you'll have a partner dedicated to pleasing you between the sheets — but you'd better not be into foreplay, because you're not going to get much. Sexually Compatible Zodiac Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius Turn-ons: Any… Lees meer

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Once you go black... you’ll really want to do it a

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Here is how I came to love and crave bbc! I’ve been with my husband for 25 years. About 10 years ago to spice things up a little we started looking at porn together and talking about different scenarios and what turns us on and really opening up sexually. We are both really turned on by white wives with blacks. He bought me my first black dildo and that was it - I loved it ! At the time it was huge for me. I loved being filled up so completely, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before... over the years we’ve bought much bigger ones to stretch my pussy out - hence the need to feel a real bbc :… Lees meer

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 9

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Mrs. Perkins seemed very pleased with me, at this point. My flaccid penis lay submissively on my tummy, my ball’s hung empty and their contents, a milky substance puddled on my chest and stomach. “Good Boy” she said with a smile. “I know that you may be confused because I have always insisted that you remain HARD for Mommy.” she explained, “Yet I want you to experience the intimacy that a woman feels…. only then will you be able to treat a woman properly.” With those words, Mrs. Perkins walked over to a cabinet and returned wearing a harness around her middle. As she approached, I could tell… Lees meer

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Female Fucking has taken a turn for the better


Come on, I know it can be embarrassing, but the truth is, apart from the real thing, women and girls today, are jumping on the alternative bandwagon for their fucking needs. I am not saying this girl has anything to be ashamed off, but girls are more adventuresome than boys, and their pets are chosen for love and curiosity. Do you know a girl who has a particular affection for her pet? There are three penises a girl will readily come into contact with as she grows and develops into a hot blooded woman, man, horse and dog. As a vet myself, I have handled all three, with men coming last (Yes I… Lees meer

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She confesses: I want to be black bred


My female friend and I have a good relation. We are best friends with benefits. We have sex and I enjoy it very much. I help her to explore her desires. She has a big secret she still hasn’t told me. I will get to it. I have introduced her to the world of BDSM. It can help people to reach their desires if they cannot escape them. Being restricted and dominated usually means you cannot escape your desires. My uncle owns the ‘House of Gord’. It is a renowned BDSM site. He let me use the toys and stuff at the production site whenever there are no video to be made. It means I can go every weekend… Lees meer

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A European Vaction In Kenya


We'd told everyone that Marta and I were going to Kenya for a 'vacation', and though that was true, it was only true up to a certain point. We were going there for a vacation alright, but it was going to involve way more than sightseeing some of the sprawling nature reserves! The prime reason Marta and I were going to Kenya was to see to it that she came home pregnant...but not by ME, but by an African male (in fact there would be more than one 'donor'---there were to be three separate men doing the honor! But we weren't divulging this particular fact to either of our families (at least, not r… Lees meer

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The Ride Home


I was out on a night out, an hour away from home, and there were no taxis nearby so i tried to wave some people down with no success, until eventually one car stopped, it seemed full already, a land rover with 4 guys in it, but never the less i asked for a lift, they oblige as one steps out to let me in the middle in the back between them. They were quite tall but none were all that attractive, they began making small talk and a few flirty comments as we drove, but i didn't think anything of it. As they get to my house, the men on either side don't move, stopping me from leaving, then they lo… Lees meer

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A Spring Afternoon

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Obviously, I shouldn’t have watched. It goes without saying. Any decent person would have gone about their business and not stared, slack-jawed for well over an hour. Even if I can’t actually name anyone I know who would actually have walked away, I still know I shouldn’t have watched. It was spring. I was home early, windows open, reading a book in my room upstairs when I heard my neighbor’s wife chatting outside with another woman. Claire is a lovely lady about thirty. Blonde, if not naturally then in a classy, well-done way; fit but with plenty of well toned curves to look at; a pleasant,… Lees meer

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Dad's Crush on Tina

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All while I grew up, I had a fascination with my Dad, wanting to please him since mom had left us. I always did my best to do whatever was necessary to make him happy. I was, of course, jealous at first, seeing him have relations with other females, but as our relationship grew, I really wasn't concerned with my jealous, just about keeping a smile on his face was all that I needed. One afternoon, Dad called me into his office for a chat. I knew I was not in trouble, the accounting books, all feed orders and things to keep the farm operating were in perfect order, so I was not quite sure what… Lees meer

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Princess Hiba

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My cock has been caged since before puberty , my body stunted by aggressive hormones and steroids. Strict diet and physical exercise. I have natural large B-cup breasts, a perfectly round ass and beautiful legs. My hair is past my ass, my body completely hair free. My name is Hiba it meaning in Arabic is “gift” . And that’s what I was a gift to Prince Ali Bashir. Given to him by my family to repay a debt. I don’t remember them or know who they are. Prince Bashir was a man with many beautiful women, but it’s not what he wanted. He was never satisfied so he set out to create exactly what he… Lees meer

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