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DTF Tricked Gay

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This whole thing started when I broke up with my girlfriend. At the time, she had said I wasn't there sexually and emotionally for her needs, and that she needed space... whatever that means. We had been together for three years, living together for the last year. I guess it was the co-habitation that led her to grow irritated and bothered by me. I never saw it coming either; she just blindsided me one day and packed her stuff up the following day. That was three months ago. Since then, my luck with the ladies has been bad, but I haven't exactly put myself out there. Some buddies of mine tri… Lees meer

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Good Job Faggot Gay

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Anyway, as the k**s went off to college, the wife and I continued to drift further apart. Our sex life was non-existent and I thought it was because my wife had decided sex just wasn't on her agenda. I found out the hard way that my assumption was wrong one day when I came home from work early. I entered the house through the garage and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I heard what sounded like a porn playing in the family room and wondered if one of the k**s had found my secret stash of DVDs. Rounding the corner, to my surprise, I found the porn sounds were coming from my wife, bent over the… Lees meer

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Evensong Hallelujah


He stared at his empty luncheon plate. The fish and chips and pint of bitters had not eased his misgivings or quenched his need for relaxation and redemption. Memories of the Spanish sunshine had quickly faded replaced by his son’s excuses, which had started even before he finished parking the motorhome in its designated spot on the farm. The promised work had not been done. He knew what that meant. The bills had not been paid and that foretold another trip to the bank and another slice of his savings gone. He wondered where he had gone wrong. He prayed for guidance as he swirled the remainder… Lees meer

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My first time swallowing cum - Part 2

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Even thought I had sucked a few cocks (many times) I had never had a guy cum in my mouth. I really enjoyed getting a facial, and the guys I was with never complained. However, as I got older I fantasized about having a guy cum in my mouth and me swallowing, I just never acted on it. A couple of weeks after Jim gave me that amazing facial I got an email from him. He said he was free on Sunday morning and if I was into it, he'd love another blow job. I made sure that my schedule was clear and we made arrangements for Jim to come over at 11 that Sunday morning. I was freshly showered, wearing… Lees meer

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CHAPTER NINE: It didn’t take me long to fully bring the other wolves into our world and to accept them as family. Bo and I had survived and, indeed, thrived in our half year or so in this land. I felt content and adjusted with only Bo as my companion. He provided a measure of security and companionship beyond our sexual relationship, which had matured beyond the titillation of the taboo of human mated by canine. The other wolves brought a different feeling with them. It changed the relationship between Bo and me slig… Lees meer

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CHAPTER EIGHT: Instead of my eyes tracking Bo’s aggressive movement to the left, however, I was faced, literally, with the growling, fang-baring snarl of a desperate female wolf. Separated by only 2 feet, I was staring face-to-face, eye-to-eye, with the pup’s mother! I was sympathetic, but I was far more pragmatic. I understood the mother’s wanting her young. But, I knew the young wolf would die of hypothermia, its young body would be no match for warding off its severely dropping core temperature. I had just risked… Lees meer

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Wife Plans Our Vacation Blacken

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My wife, Susan, and I had a long flight to our "all inclusive" weeklong vacation in the Caribbean that she planned. After we had checked into the hotel, had dinner, showered and changed into our jammies I jokingly told my wife, Susan, that she could choose any porn movie on our hotel Cablevision. "Oh goody," she replied, and smiled at me with a sexy look. I was triply surprised. First, that she would even consider watching a porn movie at all, and second, by the great detail she paid attention to in making her eventual choice. She had never liked porn. In fact, she disliked porn. She would… Lees meer

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CHAPTER SEVEN: The inevitable morning surprise finally arrived. The hide door to the shelter was stuck by the arrival of a fresh, fluffy 6 inches of snow. I was more than ever thankful for that moment on the mountain pass when I accepted fully that my life encompassed a world without the comforts and options of civilization. The time preparing for the elements of winter was long and hard, it led to not only being prepared for the harshness of winter, but a different life structure evolved that was already comfortable… Lees meer

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fantasy and desires 3

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Hello everyone fellow writers readers of eroctic stories fellow porn lovers. its me again!! yes... auntie norma :) as you all know if you've been keeping up with my stories you know about jake and my self.... ok.. lets cut to the chase'. well this is what should be the third of the story three in one and asking for fantasy and now... so as you know if you have read all the stories combined between my nephew and my self then you know that he said yes and as well as Shelley... so now I am going to tell you what happened and how. Well for starters again I messaged her on social media.. A-N:… Lees meer

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My first time swallowing cum

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I had a buddy that I used to play with until we finished high school. (see my story "My first time sucking cock") After we lost touch, I had a couple of brief encounters with guys, but was mostly with women. When I turned 36 I began fantasizing more and more about sucking cock again. I missed the excitement and thrill of getting a guy hard and making him cum. I placed an ad on an internet site and chatted with a few guys. I agreed to meet with one guy, but when he showed up I didn't feel turned on by him. We ended up watching porn and I did jack him off, but it wasn't what I wanted. There wa… Lees meer

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Do not give up hope


This took place about 15 years ago. My wife and I had discussed and tried several times to have another guy join us but it never quite worked out as we had thought it would have. Either we were interrupted, the other guy was to drunk to perform or there just was not the rite chemistry between my wife and the other male. Our first several attempts took place over about a 2 year period with a couple different friends of ours. The first friend of mine we tried twice with but he had drank to much before both times and couldn’t keep it up or he passed out while getting a blow job. The second friend… Lees meer

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fantasy and desires 2


Hello everyone I come again with another story part two of asking for fantasy desire.... if you've been keeping up with our stories stories between NPHW and my self.. you know our history what happened how and when where the before and after.. so to continue with this story in this case titled “ THREE IN ONE ” involving my my “ NPHW ” hubby, Shelley and my self.. as you all know they had something going when he was very young such as we did and do now.. well as you know she came looking for him and well we had something for a weekend then he went back to see her and had something with her fo… Lees meer

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Football Sex Party part 2


You should read Part 1 before continuing. As I was in the bathroom washing myself from cum that was still dripping out of my pussy, Jocko knocked on the door to see if I was alright. I guess I was in there a long time. When I came out, there was a large, fat, white guy waiting for me. He must have been 6’6” with a lot of blubber. He looked like a massive walrus with no chin and a huge hairy fat body. He looked at me and with a deep voice bellowed, “Wow Jocko! This filly is real a looker! And you want only 2 bills to fuck her. Oh yeah! I’m in!” Then in a whisper voice he asked, “So Doll what’… Lees meer

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White Boy Becomes a BBC Sissy - Chapter Two

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Chapter Two - Dominick's Plan I lay there on all fours, butt still gaped open, staring at its picture on his phone. I was getting used to this feeling of shame, embarrassment, and arousal at his objectification and domination of me with each humiliating thing he subjected me to. I didn't know it, but my soft, bare dick was beginning to leak pre-cum. "Here's what's going to happen today, sissy boy. I know you have more girly clothing and shit like that at home. You don't just show up at someone's house with a pair of panties on and a butt plug in without having more stuff at home. Get up, p… Lees meer

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fantasy and desires


Hello fellow writers readers, porn lovers. I cum again to you with one more story as some know my history of my love affair with who is now my husband which we’ve been together since was 18 well now to speed up a bit. but if you don't know what this whole situation is about read my other stories. This story Shelley as you know came looking for my husband “ if you will”...anyhow when she came we had a heated passionate weekend as she did with when he went to see her after her showing up in our house. Ok.... As some know I am bisexual committed to him well the problem is that although I’ve… Lees meer

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Are you my White Slut PT2 Blacken


“You didn’t shave your pussy,” Derek said, shaking his head. Lisa stood with her hospital “scrubs” around her knees, exposing her fire red mound of pussy hair to her black lover. They were in his living room. The windows were open and a warm breeze pushed it’s way in. Lisa had come from the hospital where she worked, expecting an amorous encounter. Instead she found herself being reprimanded and forced to expose herself from the waist down. “I meant to,” she attempted, “but it feels funny when it grows back an itches.” Her gaze fell to the floor, her face was red. “I want it shaved,” Derek… Lees meer

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Are you my White Slut Blacken

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Lisa slipped out of her blouse. The black man on the bed grinned and motioned her to him. Being a woman in her mid-thirties and mother of three, Lisa was still very sexy. She had long, shoulder length red hair, green eyes, and a tight girlish figure. "Do you want me?" the man asked. "You know I do," she said. They embraced. She felt the warmth of his body and the power of his grip. She felt him reach between her legs and rub his thick fingers over her mound. It felt good to have him touch her. She felt wet and loose. She closed her eyes and a few moments more her pants were around her ank… Lees meer

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Tash starts fucking black student.


I wish this had happened here's a story I made up about a girl I worked with. Tash was ten 5 years younger than I am, and we had known each other 11 years, 10 of which we worked together, this last year Tash had, moved jobs and was completing training around the country for her new job. It had been 5 weeks since Tash had last been in Manchester, and during those weeks her Boyfriend, had gone travelling, so I was surprised by the happy "tone" of her text. We were to meet for lunch at the pub near work, which again was a surprise as Tash had never wanted to go for a pub lunch before. She wa… Lees meer

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The Breeding Party Part 1

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We had, just a couple of weeks before, moved into our house after returning from Germany. We had a mobile home, and had parked it in the same park that we had lived in before we went to Germany. In fact, we were only 7 lots removed from the lot we had occupied before. Linda had gone the second day back and talked to the lady who owned the day spa where she had been employed before going to Germany. They visited for a couple of hour before the lady asked Linda if she was interested in coming back to "work" for her. Linda laughed as she told the lady that that was why she had came by. The lady… Lees meer

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My Pantasy


Pantasy, what is a pantasy? For me it is a fantasy that has direct involvement with panties and all lingerie associated with panties. When masturbation session with lingerie is used and it is the center of attention creating a masterful orgasm that leaves me weak and worn out. My last pantasy involved the need to be in white. White Vanity Fair Lace Nouvaeu panty.. I do love a big panty, the more nylon the better! Next a pair of Just My Size non control top pantyhose, reinforced toes and panty. My white Vanity Fair full slip over my Bali Double Support Comfort Wireless Full Cover bra in white.… Lees meer

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