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Frau von Grafenstein - Teil 3

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Frau Vanessa von Grafenstein war nun bereits seit einigen Wochen Witwe. Das beträchtliche Vermögen ihres verstorbenen Mannes bestand nicht nur aus Firmenbeteiligungen sondern auch aus dem umfangreichen Anwesen der von Grafensteins. Frau von Grafenstein bewohnte alleine das stattliche Haus am Stadtrand von Düsseldorf. Anfangs war die Situation für sie noch relativ ungewohnt, doch langsam begann sie die Vorteile eines Lebens als „junge Witwe“ zu erkennen. Sie war finanziell unabhängig und konnte sich ohne weiteres einen recht extravaganten Lebensstil erlauben. Auch hatte sie jetzt alle Freiheite… Lees meer

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The Dream


The Dream I had a most peculiar dream about you. It was incredibly corny but I want to tell it to you anyway. It was about you and it’s not often that I get the pleasure of dreaming of you. Prior to the dream I was laying on the sofa watching a film down stairs. At some point I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew it was daytime. The light was shining through the curtains. I was still laying on the sofa, my trousers still on the floor so that I don’t over heat beneath the blanket. I felt slightly tired of body yet still alert. I could hear you walking down the stairs, your footstep… Lees meer

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My Cousin Stacy..........Part I

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My cousin Stacy is two years older than I. She will always have a special place in my heart because she was my first sexual experiences in my life. I am 47 now and I still think of days gone by, when I was 13 and sitting on the couch at my grandparents house next to Stacy. We were alone and had been tickling, and flirting when Stacy leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Stacy has full luscious lips. I was surprised and kind of froze. Then she leaned in again and this time plunged her tongue into my mouth. This was my first French kiss. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Stacy then took the… Lees meer

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Cece's Game – Chapter Four – Into the Woods


Three occupants made the cab of Jason’s truck crowded. Jason said he knew a spot out by a nearby lake that would be secluded and deserted on a Saturday night. And for what it was worth, he’d been correct. The place was an empty cul de sac at the end of a long dirt road. There probably wasn’t another soul out for miles. Especially not on a night like this. Rain was coming down in sheets, limiting visibility and making the going muddy and rough once they hit the unpaved part of the journey. Thank goodness for Jason’s 4x4 pickup. Thank goodness and not, as the case may be. As good as it was at… Lees meer

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Scarlet Troopers Humiliation


My names Emma I’m a Scarlet Trooper Captain you may have read some of my other tales of the daily struggles myself and my squad of Scarlet Troopers face trying to maintain order. Scarlet Troopers are, just to remind you, highly trained mounted female soldiers we pride ourselves in our appearance and our skintight red lycra catsuits, Black leather belts, riding boots and black cropped jackets distinguish us from the rest of society. We wear our catsuits next to our skin no underwear it would spoil the look of a beautiful fit young woman’s body encased in second skin lycra. Our bottoms and vagin… Lees meer

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Sunbathing PT 1


Sunbathing PT 1 I was feeling particularly naughty today. I do everyday but today I was flat out horny. I didn't see getting fucked in the near future so I put on a little more then a micro bikini. The top tied at the back of my neck and back. There are small triangles covering my nipples. The bottom tied at the hips and barley covered my pussy lips and none of my ass cheeks. Just a small fabric that ran up my butt. I'm a few pounds overweight, well lets say ten to twelve. OK honestly probably closer to fifteen lbs. I still liked what I saw in the mirror even though I've got a bit of a po… Lees meer

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It was early morning on a Monday I was already running late getting into the office. I knew I was going to be late so I called it and informed my office I be late. As I drove into the city where I worked I stopped and got a Danish and coffee. As I headed back onto the highway and as I got don the road some I noticed a car on the shoulder with its hood up. As I past I noticed it was an elderly woman by herself. I immediately pulled over and started backing up to her car. I got out and approached her car from the passenger side as she was parked a little to close to the road. I made my way to th… Lees meer

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k**napped! It was Friday night, and i was headed for my apartment after a few beers to unwind from a long week at work... i left the bar; was walking to my car when they grabbed me! Two big guys in a big white van... i am only 5'2" and weigh in at 127 lb., so couldn't put up much of a fight... A few blocks down the street, they pulled in an alley, ripped off my clothes, threw them and my pocket book out the window... i was completely naked except for my sneakers... One of the guys held my arms while the other one padlocked a heavy, dirty, rusty, chain around my neck... the chain hung down a… Lees meer

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4 Times at the Gay Cruising spot, Part 1.


As mentioned in my previous story, The condom broke, http://xhamster.com/stories/the-condom-broke-857944), I am a bisexual, big, chub, fat guy who loves sex equally with men and women. At the end of my last story I stated I was fucked again a few days later. What I did not say is how many times I was fucked or where. I either met and had sex at a local gay cruising/pick up location or went to the guys home nearby to have sex in his bed. I had three men, one transsexual and one woman that day. Here is part 1: I had a bunch of errands to run on the other side of town from where I live. On th… Lees meer

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My Lucky Day 2.

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When I woke up in morning and remembered where I was, chills ran through me when I saw Nwakaego, the matured Lady I fucked all through the night in her house walked through her door. I had an instant slight hard on. She had sex written all over every inch of her body. As soon as she closed the door we started kissing. She grabbed my feel how cock and felt it hardening more and more in her hand as I caressed her beautiful, soft breasts. I rolled her nipples between my fingers. They stood erect, - just like my cock. She began to stroke it gently. I started to kiss her breasts letting my wet ton… Lees meer

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American Wife Ass Fucked Again


Nicole lay unmoving on the floor her initial rapid panting settling to more measured breaths, as she lay in a semi foetal position with her back to me I could see her spunk splattered arse, cum still leaking out, streaks on her stockings, her hair dishevelled... she was still wearing her heels and I loved that. She looked great, fucked and I felt very happy and said so to her husband Rob, when he joined me on the couch, his softening boner glistening with her ass goo. My own saliva stained cock was still fairly stiff. -She sure loves to be fucked, don’t you Honey. He prodded her with his toe a… Lees meer

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Anal sex, fisting and degradation - Part 12


I didn’t know if I was shocked or excited. Not only was it highly unethical to bring a 12-year-old in contact with sex toys, it was also forbidden for parents to have sexual relations with her c***dren. But on the other hand, if she wanted it and we could provide it, why stopping her? She would do it nevertheless and this way, we could have it under control and make sure she was okay. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Her ass wasn’t as prepared for it like mine, so we could start at the very beginning. Also, her gag reflex was still present. I thought back to the time I spend m… Lees meer

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The Tutor Pt. 1


I had been needing help for the longest to master the un-mastered elements of 11th grade mathematics. But I hadn’t had the tutoring help or the compensation to cover one. My parents were basically non-existent and I lived with my grandmother (who was stressed as it was dealing with the c***dren around the neighborhood) so I was forced to keep to myself about most things. But this need of tutelage was bothersome. A few days ago, I was in math class, failing as usual. Another test was announced to begin. I grabbed my pencil and prayed to god that I could pass this test and end the semester with… Lees meer

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The Tutor Pt.1


I had been needing help for the longest to master the un-mastered elements of 11th grade mathematics. But I hadn’t had the tutoring help or the compensation to cover one. My parents were basically non-existent and I lived with my grandmother (who was stressed as it was dealing with the c***dren around the neighborhood) so I was forced to keep to myself about most things. But this need of tutelage was bothersome. A few days ago, I was in math class, failing as usual. Another test was announced to begin. I grabbed my pencil and prayed to god that I could pass this test and end the semester with… Lees meer

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Why are so many guys fascinated….

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...by the girl-girl friendships their wives and girlfriends have? In my view too much thought is spent on what goes on behind doors when girl friends have evenings of teen girl bonding passed off as ‘doing our hair’ which slide into a ‘girls night out’. More than a few girls perfectly straight and otherwise heterosexual, take a healthy interest in the contents of friend’s bra or pants as any guy. But most girls are as staunchly feminine as guys are masculine. There are times of high emotion or just pure joie de vivre when girls are more inclined to let the moment be captured by hugs, kisses… Lees meer

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First wife two

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Subject: Shareing Wife 2 After moving from Cleveland area to Jacksonville Florida we continued to swing, at first just 3 somes and 4 somes with men we met in clubs at Mayport. Then I I saw an ad in a swingers paper for a swingers directory, $20.00 to join for a year, when we placed our ad we checked off couples,single males,all races, groups, bi's, lesbian and other kinky thing's. We waited to receive our first issue and it finally came after a few week's. We eagerly went thru it looking for contacts in the area, we saw several and started making calls only to find out the numbers were discon… Lees meer

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I have posted several stories about mom, thought I would jump in with how it affected me when I got married, following is a recount of first few years married In 1975 we had been married 3 year's, I was 24 she was 21 and had lost her virginity 2 weeks before we started dating. I found out quick that she liked to wear mini skirts,heels and semi sheer tops with french bras, at the time she was 5'9",36dd,24,32,dark blonde with blue eyes and she liked to show off when we drove skirt up high, blouse open. I also found early in our relationship that she had sucked guys off on dates in high school… Lees meer

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Mary's story Part23


Mary slid to the side of the bed and tried to get up. There was tremendous pain in her nipples and pussy, which brought back the memory of what she had had done to herself. She stood up and Mitsumi placed her dressing gown round her shoulders. Becoming more alert now, Mary looked at Mitsumi. She was no longer wearing her kimono, and had changed into a long black dress. She twirled round. “Do you like my dress? Bob bought it for me.” Mary thought that it looked very sexy, and was more than a little bit jealous. What was Bob doing buying clothes for this other woman? Moving slowly, Mary moved d… Lees meer

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It was about 4.25 when they got to the hut, and Laurence had his jacket on, ready to lock up and go. "Hello again! Are we too late for Julie to have another look at the squirrels?"Colin asked. Laurence looked very pleased to see them. "Oh, no, come on in." he beamed. "We're glad we caught you before you locked up!" Julie said. "Yes, we've had an idea, and wondered if you'd be interested."Colinsaid. "Oh, yes, what?" Laurence asked. "Well...........er, I won't beat about the bush......we both noticed how, er, interested in Julie and her clothes you seemed to be when she was looking through the t… Lees meer

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the parcel part three

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Before i did anything else i said you must have a safe word & the word would be RED , she nodded , but i asked her to say it out loud & in doing so understand what it meant & that everything would stop , if she uttered anything else like saying stop she would be ignored again i ask her if she understood & rather than just nod her head, say again that she understood, she said yes sir , i swear the way she said sir made my cock grow harder , So i stood directly behind her telling her not to move , actually saying don't you fucking dare move , Understood ? yes sir was her immedia… Lees meer

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