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Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 02

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In chapter one, I told you the story of how I happened to discover a special club. A club that spent every Friday night using someone's face as a cum dump. I told you about how they had used me for their cum dump; about how I had swallowed so much cum that I had felt bloated; about having my face and head completely covered. I had told you that I had fulfilled two of my top fantasies; that of receiving a bukkake and of partaking in gokkun (the drinking of large quantities of cum from a container). Now I want to tell you what happened after. I awoke the next morning still covered in cum. It wa… Lees meer

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Mother and son console each other


I was driving home to my parent's house when I got a call from my mother. She said that my Dad was not going to be there this weekend. He had urgent business and he had to fly out to deal with it. I started to fume right then. This was the standard procedure for my father. He always put business before family. That was the way it was when I was growing up. My Dad was never at any school functions or sports games I was in when I was in high school. I finally arrived at my parent's house. My mother, Rachel, greeted me at the door and gave me a big hug. I looked over my mother. She was forty-sev… Lees meer

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Taking Mother

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This is a true story that happened in 1969. It was told to me by my friend Tim and he said he was 19 at the time, going to college and living at home. As a side note, we both had sex with our own mother and that was what we had in common. It was an experience that would shape both our lives from then on. I asked his permission to write this up and publish it. After reading it, he agreed that I should. Here is his story as I remember him telling it. It had been a stormy day from the time I got up until I got home from school. I had watched torrents of rain come down during the day. There was… Lees meer

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sucking the neighbor and more

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“Hey man!” … “Oh, Hey Ritchie, how are you?” “I’m good” he said lighting a cigarette, which was always …Ritchie is an older homeless guy about 65, well he’s not exactly homeless, His friend John lets him live in his garage for exchange of labor when Ritchie isn’t too drunk… as you can imagine, the garage was in shambles, John lived on the outskirts of town so Ritchie could manage for himself and was comfortable living in the midst of clutter of boxes, tools .. A small TV and a mini fridge were there to keep his beer cold and his mind entertained… He doesn’t always smell nice and he is al… Lees meer

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Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh


It was late on a friday night, I was leaving for a two week vacation the very next morning. My husband can be a bit of a workaholic so sadly he wasn't joining us. I know, and probably everyone else here, that my husband's favorite thing is to take me to the sex clubs around Raleigh and show me off and let me play. So, with me being gone for two weeks I thought it would be a great time to go so that he could get some footage to enjoy while I was gone. I got up and got dressed in a long dress that could easily be pulled off. … Lees meer

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Fun With Old Guy at Gloryhole

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Sitting at home getting a good buzz as usual my dick getting hard and I feeling freaky. So need a little fun with someone.  Get dressed in my baggy shorts and oversized t shirt and no underwear as usual. I go to my happy place the Glory Hole. I Take another shot before going in like always I still get nervous when I enter .I pay and they buzz me in. I go back take a look and many door are closed. It seemed to be a large number for that time n the morning about 3:00am. Then I remember open 24hrs on the weekend during the summer. So I look for an empty booth. I go down the corridor and see… Lees meer

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Mother and son give in to their desires


My mom and dad struggled on together in a pointless marriage and finally split up last year when I was 18. That had been the deal, stay together for my sake, until I was old enough to understand that while divorce isn't easy for anyone, living in an atmosphere of constant arguments and distrust isn't good either. Once it was done and she was on her own I did my best to be 'the man of the house' and became quite protective of her. To be honest she was the same with me, lots of hugs, I guess we were trying to reassure each other that everything was going to be ok. We certainly became closer beca… Lees meer

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Mis hermanos y yo en Playa Nudista

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Bueno esta historia debo comenzarla explicando quien soy. Me llamo Susana pero me dicen Susy, nací dentro de una familia de 3 hombres y 2 mujeres (donde doy una de ellas). Tengo 2 hermanos que son gemelos, Rafa y Neto (así les digo de cariño), ellos tiene 28 años ahora y yo 21. Bueno esta historia paso hace 4 años cuando yo tenia 18 años y mis hermanos 24. En ese momento yo conocía poco de sexo, bueno mis papás normalmente organizaban unas vacaciones anuales, que cada año cambiaban de lugar, para ir conociendo lugares nuevos, en esa ocación tocaba ir a las playas de Oaxaca aquí en México. Yo… Lees meer

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Smelling Panties and Pussy - My confession

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xhamster user PantieLoverCotton asked members to share their panty confession's with him so I did and this is my story My journey with panties began with my twin sisters 11 months younger than me so we grew up close together out of 6 total siblings. I won’t mention the age when it started but it was way before my teens. The three of us were wrestling one day and my face ended up in one of the twin’s crotch and that was the day I became a panty loving pussy sme… Lees meer

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Nympho Mom


By the time I had climbed off the bed, both men had undressed and were holding their hard cocks in their hands looking at my mother lying on the bed as she pushed the fingers of one hand deep into her cunt and her other hand squeezed her breast. She looked at them with lust in her eyes. "Are you going to fuck me or stand there watching me?" my mother asked. One of the men lifted my mother's legs onto his shoulders and without any foreplay shoved his cock all the way into her cunt in one thrust and then started fucking her slamming his cock in and out of her cunt. The other man moved his hard… Lees meer

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My homestay student forced me


In the past there had been some embarrassing situations between our homestay student, David, and I, of a physical nature. I imagine his behavior stems from his culture or some genetic endowment as I'm sure i have done nothing to encourage this. On one occasion he had basically forced me to kiss his genital area and had become completely carried away with it, developing a huge erection. And then on a later occasion he had forced himself on me in an overly intimate fashion where i had again firmly resisted but he, being of bigger size and weight, had persisted and things had gotten out of hand… Lees meer

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The hookup


I walk into the pub and take my usual seat at the end of the bar and wave over the bartender. I order my usual whiskey and look down at my hands. The pub was always busy, full of teenagers letting loose after a day of long boring classes, I hated the noise they brought in but I let it slide considering I was always having dirty thoughts about the young college girls that came in. I scan the room and spot my target for tonight. A young girl at the other end of the bar, she had strawberry blonde hair, she was slim with medium sized breasts, they wasn't too big or too small. Perfect in my eyes. H… Lees meer

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Comforting My Sister

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Leigha and I were both adopted when we were babies. Mom and Dad explained that they didn't know that they weren't able to have c***dren of their own so they kept trying until they were in their late 30's. When they finally accepted the fact that mom would never get pregnant, they started the adoption process. It took a few years but they adopted me and then they adopted Leigha the next year. That was 20 years ago. I am now 20 years old and Leigha is 19. Mom died a few years ago as a result of breast cancer and the three of us - Dad, Leigha, and me - all live together. Dad is an attorney so he… Lees meer

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Becoming a cuckold part6

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Part 6 Synopsis parts 1-5 my path down the cuckold lifestyle started about 2 maybe 3 months ago. my Girlfriend Tish found my stash of cuckold porn and started teasing me to no end so much to say in the past few months i have cum more times from just the words she has spoken. Kept me hard by discussing our sex life with random sales girls. Then there was learning how to suck Her dildo. So if you’re just joining the story there you go. To say that we returned to a normal life would be a lie. Quite the opposite happened. Tish’s teasing became more intense. I was being forced to watch Tish ma… Lees meer

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Drunk Mom


...The boy had wanted to have sex with his sexy mom for a long time. She was so sexy to me. She was tall, long hot legs, big nice tits 36c, dark hair, and I had seen her hot looking dark bush, peeking at her a many times. She had such natural beauty that you would have to see to believe. I was use to having my buddy’s stare at her and get boners. She knew she was beautiful and she too, was use to having men look at her. She had lot’s of men to chose from, but at home, she picked me to tease. She had sensed I had the hots for her for a long time. I was the only one she could be herself around,… Lees meer

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Goodies for Christmas...


...when naturism moves indoors. The gentle exhibitionism of Naturist life is something that can give pleasure to the Cockist male and the quiet and geeky girl. My friend Goody I had known for a few years and never got involved with. She was always a little frumpy in her fashions making many of her own clothes whilst quite plain and a little dowdy without flashy detail or enhancement her personality was confident and occasionally loud. We matched each other and the previous summer had grown close enough to spend a few weeks enjoying time naked together in a non-sexual and erotically negative… Lees meer

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Sharing that middle aged woman with my wife

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As Melanie lay back onto my body; she thanked me for letting her enjoy my hard dick in her wet hot pussy. I kissed her back, as I watched Ana was getting jealous. Then she asked Melanie if she wanted to stay all night with me; as Shawn fucked my sexy wife’s cunt and ass in another bedroom… Melanie sensed something was wrong between Anita and I; so she replied she would let us to decide it… Then she just stood up and went inside for some drinks. I quickly asked Ana what she was planning for the night and she bit her lower lip in a sensual manner. She looked me in my eyes and said, since it… Lees meer

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The Tits of my Mother


My experience all started when I was 16. Let me give you some background on my parents first. Both were from the same state on the East coast but never met until some years later. They both attended a Division A College in the Mid-West. My dad played football and mom played volleyball. My dad stood 6"'3", 250 lbs with dark hair and played tight end. My mom was 6', 150 lbs with blonde hair. Both could have been models. They met during their junior year and dated till the end of senior year when my mom got pregnant with me. Five years later my brother was born. My mom was only 21 at the time and… Lees meer

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Panty Magic


I love wearing panties and tights (pantyhose) stockings with suspenders under my day clothes. I get so turned on thinking that no one knows about my secret. I was in the local gay club the other night and badly needed a piss, as there was no one in, i just dropped my jeans and pulled my cock out of my panties and fuck me, didm't a guy walk in on me. He stood there and looked at my cock out of my red panties, at my red suspender belt and red stocking and just said "Wow, I love those" I was a bit pissed off and said "No need to make fun I love wearing this gear" He said "I am being serious, loo… Lees meer

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Mother teaches her first lesson.

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Over the next week Jerry spent many nights thinking of his mother. Things were getting tougher in school. He was feeling more and more left out. John was still moving from girl to girl while he couldn't even get a first date. He attempted talking to Sherry one day when he saw her having her lunch alone under a tree. He went over to her and made up a story. Said he had lost the days assignment for a class they had in common. "Sure Jerry, I have it right here in my notebook," she said. He sat down beside her as she started looking through the pages. "So what do you have planned for this week… Lees meer

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