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Alas Photo Shoot


Things were getting better for Ala now. 32 years of age she was coming out of the misery of a failed marriage with a cheating husband who made her feel low. In the past 8 months Ala had lost 20lb or so making her tall striking figure even more so. Stunningly beautiful to look at with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes, Ala stood 5 feet 9 inches tall, even taller in the strappy heels she loved to wear. Small firm breasts curved down to an ample bum and wide thighs before tapering off to thin ankles gorgeous pedicured feet with long painted toes. As her confidence grew Ala became her old sel… Lees meer

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I have to carry mother in law up and down stairs!


My mother in law broke her leg badly and needed to come stay with us for a few weeks while she was recovering. We have a big house, with a spare room in the basement with an adjoining bathroom that even has a seat in the shower. So it was a perfect set up for her. Except, with a broken leg she could not get herself up and down the narrow steps to the basement. When my wife brought her over the first day, I carried her bags down there and set her up in her room. Then the time came for her to head down there for a rest, and we realized our dilemma with getting her down there. She tried to go d… Lees meer

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Pretended I was sleeping--Mother in Law


I had a bit too much to drink over the holiday. Well, a bit too much is not the case, it was way too much. From the time we got to my in-laws house, they kept feeding me cocktail after cocktail. Before the meal even was served, I was totally hammered. After devouring a huge meal, with some wine, and then two more after dinner cocktails, I was falling all over the place. I ended up passing out on the couch, and I guess the party went on without me. I woke up a few hours later having no idea where I was. I was still on the couch in their living room, and the house was dark except for a light c… Lees meer

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2019.04.07. Met my son


At the command of the master, I put the fox-tail buttplug in my butt. He tied my breasts tight and put the chain on my nipples. He picked up my outfit, hanging out from the foxhole and exposing my breasts to everyone. So I sat in the car and started to go to my son. In the housing estate I tried to get into the house sooner and into the apartment. Entering the apartment, I immediately took off my clothes. "Good whore, you know what you must do," my ex-husband said. He slept in my son's room. I went to his and carefully pulled his dick out of his underwear and started sucking. It soon became to… Lees meer

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2019.04.09 My son used me


In the morning, the master tied my breasts tightly with an clock chain and closed it with a padlock behind my neck. He stretches my breasts all day. I'm in a thin top, which is slightly visible. At lunch time my son came to me and I had to suck behind one of the warehouse buildings. He said it would be a continuation in the evening. Late afternoon my son called. "The next one to wear is with a collar leash, a fox-tailed buttplug and a chain on my nipples. Then come out naked to me in the car." He told. "But it's still light what if someone sees me," I said. "I don't care about a whore and come… Lees meer

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2019.04.01. My ex-husband sold me


The master's phone rang in the evening. Then the master said I would pick up my boots. I stood naked in a knee-high boots. Then he handcuffed my hand behind my back, put an O-ring in my mouth and put my collar in my neck with a leash. That's how we went out to the car where I was sitting back row. Then he set off for the M0 highway Nagytarcsai rush to Pest, but stopped at the first turn. Here the whores usually wait. Then he took me to a tree and tied it to my leash. "Not long for you, whore," the master said. And he left. The road was quite busy, everyone saw me. Once only one Toyota stops an… Lees meer

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2019.02.06 Working on street


Today, the master said that Master George George and his friends were rented again on Sunday. I started to resist, and the master said that I would pick up my harness and knee boots. I picked up my coat and go to. In the car, the master did not say where we were going. In the evening we headed for the M3 motorway to the kisbagi pihenő. Some trucks have been parked already.We got out of the car and I sat down on the bench in front of the toilet. This was reflected by two lamps. "Well, you whore, just do your legs off and let everyone see your cunt and start caressing your dirty cunt." he ordere… Lees meer

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2019.01.27 Sir George rented again


On Sunday afternoon we got to Sir George at the agreed time. I had to go naked into the building. At the doorway, my master handed my leash to Sir George, who took over and brought it to the big room. There my arms tied to the wall on two sides. Then they put an O-ring in my mouth. "That's what we get to use your mouth, but you can't scream," said Sir George. "And here's your jewelery today," he pointed to a tray with a Y-shaped chain at each end with a fishing hook and two level chain hooks at the end. "I will hang this Y chain into the two nipples and clitoris, while the other chains will pu… Lees meer

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2018.12.15 Slave Whore's night shift


For me the usual workwear was just, boots, chain on my nipples and now my hand was handcuffed by the master behind my back. And he pushed a vibrator into my cunt to make it wet for a while to start working. He put a collar on my neck and brought it to the car on a leash, and I can't wear a coat. I had to go naked down the street at the bar. When we got to the bar, the owner was waiting for us because he had a request to the master. "I have a young nephew who has not been with a woman and would like to have this whore for the first time, he could practice it" - the bar owner asked to the master… Lees meer

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2019.01.01. In the public bath


After the night my body was covered with sperm. The master only allowed to wear long-legged boots and coats. "We're going to the Széchényi Bath, you can wash there, whore," the master said. When we got there the master bought two tickets and a dressing room ticket. In dresserroom he talked with a worker there. He escorted us to a dressing room that was labeled with an FR. I took down my coat. Then the master hanfcuffed my hand behind my back, kneeling down. He put a chain in my neck, which he closed with a padlock and then locked the other end to the foot of the bench. So I couldn't stand up.… Lees meer

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One Wife's Fantasy It was a typical night in our house. The k**s were in bed and we had just finished yet another round of mediocre sex. As he fell asleep I find my hand moving towards my pussy to finish the job he never seemed to complete. I began to wonder what it would be like to be used by several men. I closed my eyes and let the fantasy play out. “One, two, three” I mutter to myself counting the dandelion patches s**ttered over my lawn. “Every year Joe swears that he’s found the latest and greatest in weed control but the damn things keep coming back!” I say to my next door neighbor, Bi… Lees meer

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Catching up with Daddy

Homoseksuele mannenRijpe

This follows on from all of my other stories (meeting Jimmy) and experiences… Over the next few days both me and Nina texted our Daddy telling him what we had been up to with Jimmy that weekend without him as we both felt bad for letting another man use us. Daddy was understandably annoyed with both of us; however he was happy we had both told him as it showed we both thought of him as our owner. He said he was disappointed in us both but wasn’t surprised as he had seen how easily Nina had given herself to both him and the taxi driver; and he knew how much of a slut she was turning into. H… Lees meer

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20 Years Of Infidelity Chapter Two


2 ((((Another chapter re-written...))))               The next morning in the kitchen Jason was all over me as soon as we heard the water running for his dad's shower. He was developing a real knack for deep kisses that was beyond his years. His hands were definitely attached to a teenager though as I found my tits and ass pawed and squeezed. When he broke our kiss long enough to ask if he could stay home again today I was finally able to get control of his han… Lees meer

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Sis & I


My Sister & I We had to no choice but to live together, it was cheaper for both of us were at school..different schools but close enough where we decided to share an apartment to cut our expenses. My sister was a voluptuous college age, and filled out in all the right area, according to my buddies, with big brown eyes and flirted with the guys with her longish hair & twisting with her fingers. When she went out on dates, she had many, she always wore revealing outfits, that showed off her C size assets, her breasts & legs, nice full butt. She knew how to get the men interested &am… Lees meer

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DeAnn's Submissive Weekend - Part 4


DeAnn's Submissive Weekend Chapter Four ============================================================================ I could see Suzy out of the corner of my eye. She was kneeling in front of my husband Mark and licking his hard cock and looking up at him with those sexy eyes of hers. Mark was watching me as Suzy's mouth stayed busy on his cock. My husband looked like he was enjoying all of this. Hell, I knew Mark was enjoying all of this because I know him and he was watching me closely because he knew that I was also enjoying this action. All of it. Mark and I were made for each other, that'… Lees meer

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A black guy at the men's store


Friday afternoon I went to the mall, as my nice hubby was at work. After getting a few purchases, I sat down at a coffee shop. I was sipping a nice cup of coffee, when I made eye contact with a handsome young black guy. He smiled at me and finally he dared to walk over to me, asking if he could take a seat close by my side. I offered him the chair across from me and we started chatting. He was very young and he told me he did not have a girlfriend now. He also said that he was there at the mall just killing time. His name was Jack… After a chat, I offered him to come with me and give his… Lees meer

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Another round on Brenda's body


The next day after fucking Brenda so wildly, I went again to his house. After that bitch finished swallowing all that cum she had drained from my balls, she smiled and said she would make some coffee. Meanwhile I took a warm shower and then I went downstairs to meet her. It was a very nice spring morning; so we went to the back yard and had some coffee there lying close to the pool. After we had some breakfast, we went back upstairs. Brenda got naked and she lay onto her marital bed, spreading her nice long legs for me; as she smiled with a devilish grin on her face. I started to undress… Lees meer

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Camilla calls me up...


My sweet wife Ana had gone away to visit some friends in the East Coast. The next day after she left, her wild girlfriend Camilla called me up. That slutty babe had even surrendered her tight asshole to me and I knew she wanted me to get some fun; since she knew Anita was out of town. She asked me to go to her house in the late afternoon. She was also home alone; her husband had gone fishing with some friends. Camilla opened the door wearing a knee length t-shirt, her hair looked damp like she just got out of the shower recently. She let me in and quickly closed the door behind us. She pull… Lees meer

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First time watching Mum being used


This is the 3rd chapter about Mum being used as a slut that follows on from the previous story where I had bought some sexy nylons and underwear as a surprise for Mum. So after we had finished dinner on Saturday Mum said 'so show me son what you have bought today.'  I fetched the carrier bag from the hallway and passed it to Mum.  'There you go' I said 'I've bought you some presents'.  'Oh son, that's very kind of you, that's lovely' before she had looked in the bag. The expression on her face changed when she reached inside and pulled out the suspender belt, seamed stockings a… Lees meer

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I love Brenda's round big ass...


I had met Johnny and his wife Brenda a bar that Anita and I used to go to. We had become friends. Both guys were very friendly. Brenda was hot. A bit bubbly, but her curves made her very sexy… After a year of meeting at that bar, they held a party at their house. I went alone, since Ana was on a business trip away. It was spring time and people were all outside in their back yard; most of us were just talking, drinking and enjoying the warm evening. Brenda came over me and asked if I could go with her inside. She led me to the kitchen, swinging her round hips as I followed her. I looked at he… Lees meer

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