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Classy Cumslut Kate (Part 2).

"er...yes Kate..." I began to thrust my hips forward but the stinging slap caught me by surprise! "What did you fucking call me, boy?" Demanded Kate, now gripping my jaw in her hand firmly, "It's fucking 'Miss' to you! Got that...you fucking wanker! Got that?" I nodded and Kate softly smiled and stepped over Sonia, each of her legs now either side Sonia's hips. Undoing a zip on the front of her skintight latex trousers, she slowly pulled a zip on the front that parted, exposing her shaved, glistening cunt! Kate reached out and grabbed the back of my hair, "Lick it boy - give me head!" She pulled my head forward and at the same time, her tongue snaked out in anticipation, licking her blood red lips. I noticed at that moment, just how very long her tongue was! My face was pressed firmly against her mound now and my tongue began to lap the fleshy cunt lips firmly against my mouth. I savored the taste of her twat, the musky scent and the gorgeous nectar that I lapped as she got wetter and wetter! Sonia, meantime, lifted her head, "Please.." she pleaded breathlessly, "...fuck me, Sir...!" Kate snapped out of the wave of pleasure that now went through her body as I licked her sopping hole, my tongue flicking in and out as I licked her swollen clit, "Shut the fuck up, bitch!" and Kate bought the riding crop down in a stinging smack on each cheek of her arse! "Oh, slide it up her cunt, boy keep her fucking quiet!" I did as I was told as I hungrily tongued Kate's cunt! "Ooh! That hurts...go on...go on.." urged Sonia as my cock disappeared into her tight twat until eventually, my knob pressed against her cervix. "Oh! Sir...that feels...wonderful..." moaned Sonia! Kate jerked my head back, "Don't shoot your sperm until I say so, boy! Don't you dare!" Gasping, my lips and chin glistening with her juice, I gasped, "No Miss...not until you say so!" Kate smiled down at me softly - and a tiny stream of piss began to dribble from her twat and onto my face! The warm jet became stronger until her clear, warm piss began to gush, jets of piss splashed in my mouth, chin and neck and ran down on to Sonia's arse as I began to fuck her harder, my cock squelching in and out of her cunt! She gasped and moaned as my shaft went in and out of her hole, stretching her pussy lips! Still, the jets of Kate's hot piss splashed on us both as she emptied her bladder as we fucked, "Ah, beautiful, wonderful..." gasped Kate breathlessly as the stream of piss began to ebb! She gyrated her hips, the last splashes of her urine dripping onto Sonia's arse as I fucked her. Sonia now moaned and groaned loudly, "Ooh...I'm cumming...I'm cumming..." She gasped, her face flushed and beads of sweat trickled down it. I was at the point of no return and my balls began to tingle as Sonia reached under and grabbed them roughly, pulling me in to her and holding my shaft deep inside her! Sonia screamed as a massive orgasm smashed into her, wracking her body, making her curse, "Oh fuck...you bastard...yeah...fuck..." Kate, still holding my chin smiled down at me again, "Give it her, boy, spunk in her twat..." I didn't need to be asked twice...
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