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Friend in Need

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"Hey Tim, you home?" I bellowed as I walked through their back door. Tim was one of my best friends and we had decided to attend the same college after graduating high school and were finishing up our freshman year. We were supposed to study for an upcoming math test together after we finished class. Since his parents both worked, they weren't home now and wouldn't be for another few hours. I stopped in the kitchen and listened for a reply. When I didn't hear one, I yelled again. "Hey Tim, it's Nick. You upstairs?" Still no answer, which was weird. Tim knew I was coming over, and since the… Lees meer

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My Sister the Cheerleader

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My name is Jason. I am just a normal 17 year old teenager. I go to school, then to football practice, and then i come home. Usually i masturbate and then i go to work. I have a very good job for my age. I am a cook at one of the best restaurants in town, The Aloha Steakhouse. I make close to 16.00 per hour and know how to spend it. Today was different than usual though. Coach had us stay after and do some laps so i didnt have time to do anything after i got home other than shower and go to work. Guys, you know what happens when a boy doesnt get a chance to release himself after staring at… Lees meer

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My Wife at the Strip Club

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We had gone out on a date that night: dinner and a movie, nothing to exciting. We had dropped the k**s off at my parents, so I thought that we could take advantage of it and not rush home. I suggested going for a walk in the park, dancing, or something else if she had any ideas. Hell, I was open for anything other than going home. Then she said no. She said that she just wanted to go home and relax. Frustrated is about the only word that I can come up with to describe how I felt. Our sex life hadn’t been the greatest lately, not that I was expecting any, but I really was hoping to get some… Lees meer

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Unexpected Encounter at the Adult Video Store


A few years back when the wife was out of town I decided to go rent a porn vid so I could come home and jerk off. I went to my favorite adult store north of Atlanta where I was surprised at the number people there that day. I guess I was not the only horny person around that day. I started to peruse the videos and walked from section to section. When I got to the bi-section a slightly heavy-set guy started chatting me up about the video selection. "Are you finding what you like" he asked. "Not really, "These seem to be more sissy videos, which can be OK, but I like more of the seduction,… Lees meer

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A d***k Slut Mother

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Joel stalked home from his girlfriend's house. It figures. He is finally gonna get the little tease to fuck him, and what happens? Her fucking parents come home. His 19th birthday present from her, ruined. 'Least her room is in the basement. They would've freaked,' he thought to himself. The thought of her bible-thumping parents catching him and her naked together made him laugh. The aching in his balls quickly brought him back to his pissed off reality. He couldn't wait to get home, go into his room and spank to some porn. It sure as hell wasn't as good as pussy. BUT it did beat blue-ball… Lees meer

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Hot Lady Needed More Than A Flat Tire Changed


One evening while coming home from the gym, I took a rarely traveled short cut through a tree-lined un-paved road. There was a middle aged woman, standing beside her car. As I got closer, she flagged me down. When I pulled up behind her, I saw she had a flat tire. This very attractive petite 5-2” tall woman who must have been in her mid-40s came up to me and explained that she had a flatter and her she could not make a call on her cell phone. Obviously, frazzled, I tried to calm her down a bit and said I could change her tire. I got out of my car, still in my sweaty T-Shirt and gym shorts an… Lees meer

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Used by son in law and daughter


I meet my daughter at a hotel room to help her set up for her first wedding anniversary, she had candles, a sex DVD ropes for the bed, wine and some sex toys, we spend about 2 hours setting things up, we had been sweating pretty good so she told me to grab a shower before heading home, so i did, as I got out of the shower my clothes were gone all that was their were a pair of crotchless panties, I walked out of the bathroom warped in a towel and asked my daughter Jennifer where my things were, she pointed to the bed, and told me she got the panties for me and asked me to try them on, once I ha… Lees meer

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Wife 1st Cuckold Fucking

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So, after about 15 years of marriage and my constant hounding-telling her that others should be able to enjoy her amazing cock sucking skills- she reluctantly said she would do a threesome with another guy but wanted me to set it up. As I said she is an amazing cocksucker since she started at the age of 15 with a man in his 20's. She said she spent her whole sophomore year of High School sucking this guys dick… Lees meer

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Letting my Sister Fuck me

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I had a younger sister. She was just a pesky, spoiled brat sister, until…. I noticed she was getting tits and a nice ass. She liked to come in my room and be a pest. Now she wanted to talk about sex. She confided in me that she had not had sex yet, and was disappointed. We discussed masturbation and she didn’t know much, but that rubbing her little slit felt good. She ask me quietly about her pussy and did I know this and that. I told her about her clit and her G spot, and about nipple stimulation. The next day she came in my room and put her arms around my neck and started kissing my… Lees meer

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Another hard round with Romeo


I got down on all fours and although I was a little sore from the hard fucking that Pedro had given me, I prepared myself to take Romeo`s huge dick again in my stretched cunt. I raised my ass showing the nice dog I was ready for him. He sniffed me and licked my wet pussy. I must have still been giving off a scent that said I was in heat because he soon hopped up on my back thrusting and searching out my very wet entrance. We knew each other very well and it didn't take long for him to hit the mark. Romeo felt my heat and pushed forward impaling me on his entire length. I heard Caroline gas… Lees meer

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My Boss in my marital bed

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I knew my boss was eager to get a little bit from me. Luckily for him, my loving husband was going to be out on Tuesday night and so I let him know this, hoping that it might spur him to action. That night I came back home from work in anticipation with my wet pussy tingling. I had a quick shower, enjoying the sensation of my soapy hands on my large boobs and imagining what I hoped would be the night to come. As I dried myself there was a text. It was my boss, asking if I was in. Fifteen 30 minutes later the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it, wearing nothing but my waist le… Lees meer

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Last days in Negril

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During our stay in Negril I took great pleasure in stripping out of my bikini top to sunbathe on the beach, pretending not to notice the looks I was getting from guys and girls as they checked out my large breasts. Of course because of the heat my partner had to put plenty of sun cream on for me and I’m sure he was the envy of several guys as they discreetly watched him massage the cream into my back and my tits, paying special attention to my nipples, which, despite the heat, seemed to be constantly stiff. Maybe it was something to do with the tiny bikini bottoms that I would wear that woul… Lees meer

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phone number on the wall

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Back in the late 90s I was newly divorced and got my own small apartment and was looking for a girlfriend. I had occasional dates and got laid a few times, but no one I wanted to build a relationship with. I had been bisexual most of my life and even thru out my marriage I would have the occasional encounter with a man. I wasn’t really into anal sex or kissing with men, but I sure did love sucking their dicks, and still do to this day. There’s just something so powerful and exciting having a cock in my mouth, my tongue twirling around the head as I bob up and down on a hard, throbbing cock.… Lees meer

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The cock tease at work

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A few years back I had a sort of office job with a huge company. My job was going to different offices around the site covering for illness and the like. In one office there was this young blonde girl early 20's Id say. I soon got chatting with her and looked forward to being posted to her office. After a long weekend Monday morning came round and bang, yes, her office for 2 whole weeks covering a holiday. I walked in there she was, shortest black mini skirt, black stockings and a very tight white blouse with the top few buttons undone showing off her great cleavage. As you can imagine my dick… Lees meer

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Son and his Lovely Mom - Part 2

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The next morning, Mack awoke as he usually did—with a hard-on. He stroked his cock and thought about his mom and the events of the night before. He was unsure of what his mom's reaction would be. For all he knew she would be angry; he may have turned her off completely, so that their relationship would never be the same. He wondered for a moment if she would maybe even report him and what he had attempted to do. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that his mom's reaction and mindset would probably be something like this: My son and I drank some wine and got a little intoxic… Lees meer

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Slutty Fun at the YMCA Pool


Hi Y’all I’ve recently started swimming again as I enjoy it as a way to stay in shape and get some exercise. My neighbor here in Spanaway works at the nearby Mel Korum YMCA and was able to get me a family membership for the cost of a single membership. I like it much more than the JLBM pools and facilities as the k**s can enjoy the slides and such without the hassles and regiment of the military. I’ve been coming here two or three times a week for over a year now and I just love it. I try to come after dropping off the k**s at school and before driving for Uber on the weekday mornings becaus… Lees meer

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GAY OR BI part 2

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It was the late seventy and I was eighteen years old. I was confused curious about my sexuality like most k**s back then. I found this phone number where you could call and talk to someone about those things. The guy was older and he knew how to make me feel at ease talking to him. I would call late at night while I was in bed and would get so hard just talking about what guys do together. I would try to get him to talk about his own experiences while I slowly stroked my dick. His name was Jim and he said he was a professor at the university. The pleasure was so good I couldn’t wait to finish… Lees meer

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While Hubby's Away (Part 2)


My sister-in-law Georgette was moving back to the midwest after getting married and living in Jersey for 3 years. I would get a call or text from time to time telling me she missed our fuck sessions and that no one has made her feel the way I do, Occasionally she would complain about her love life and say that her husband Roy never lasted longer than 7 minutes and was pretty boring, (meaning he only fucked her missionary style). Out of the blue I received a call from Georgette saying she needed a really big favor, she asked me to come over and help them move their furniture to the garage becau… Lees meer

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Losing my virginity to an older man

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This is a true story about me. At the time i was still in high school the summer between sophomore and junior year. and a virgin, i was only interested in girls but watching so much porn had begun to make me curious about everything. I was on one of my favorite porn sites and decided to make a profile, so I did with one picture that didn't show my face just my body. I was 5'10" and thin with a little muscle tone with blonde hair and blue eyes. And one day i commented on a video of a man jerking off because i had developed an infatuation with seeing men cum. A man sees the comment and messag… Lees meer

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Caught in the Rain


"Damn it!" She cried as the rain was starting to pelt down now and Helen cursed again as her hair started to get wet and limp. She was hardly 50 metres away from her car when the skies opened and torrents of rain poured down, soaking her to her skin. Shivering slightly, Helen ran the remaining distance to her car and quickly opened the car door, throwing her briefcase in before she swung herself into the drivers seat. The windows started to mist up with her body heat and the difference in temperature outside. Helen turned on the heater, watching as the windscreen started to demist. Her feet… Lees meer

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.....My mom Megan, 31, felt she was not performing in bed very well. She didn’t get dad, who was way older, turned on anymore. She didn’t want dad to stray to another woman so she went to the Doctor. This was a new Doctor, and he was a young guy which she felt may be better suited for her problem. She told him she wanted to turn her husband on and be hotter in bed for him. Mom had a killer hot body. She had beautiful smooth skin, big tits, perfect hips and legs. This Doctor saw opportunity to take advantage of her. He gave her a pelvic exam and massaged her G spot, her clit and then mas… Lees meer

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Son and his Lovely Mom - Part 1

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Mack Margo could hardly believe the letter he was reading. It was a notification that a story he had written and had submitted to a publishing company had been accepted for publication, and that he would be sent five hundred dollars upon publication of the story that would happen within the next month. He reread the letter a couple of times. It was simply hard to believe, but there it was in print. Mack was only sixteen, but he had been writing for a couple of years, and he had concentrated upon a certain form and subject. All the things he wrote were erotic in nature, and they generally… Lees meer

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An unusual birthday ptesent

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Anything can happen rite. 10 years ago I was single. I had been recently divorced. So one spring it was hot and was out cleaning gutters out. I met the new neighbor. She was 5 foot 5 and long brown hair. She was a thick girl. Very attractive. She was admiring me. We got to know each other and started dating She had a 12 year old daughter that was very similar looking to her. One day I was minding my own business and taking a shower. I get out and grab towel to dry off. I look up and her daughter is there staring at me. She didn't move at all. She completely froze so I walked out of b… Lees meer

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Mom fuck me

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I was your typical horny 17 year old teenager. I went to school, had fun with friends, and completed treacherous homework. I didn’t have that many friends and I had never had a girlfriend. Hell, I was still a virgin for crying out loud! I had yet to touch the female body. Aside from that, I lived with my mother and my younger sister, both of which I loved dearly. I don’t really remember my father, he left right after my sister was born so I was raised by my mom which must have been hard seeing that we lived right near the beach in Florida. Laying in bed at 6:45 in the morning in a heavy da… Lees meer

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The Story to End All Stories


This is the story of how my life changed after I graduated high school. Ya see, in high school, I was never the best looking guy, but I held my own. Granted, I was in a quantity over quality situation for much of it, but halfway through my final year at Mid Central High, I met Jamie, and we have been steady ever since. Jamie is gorgeous. She stands about 5'2" with long blonde hair. She has a little bit of pudge, but a shapely ass and a set of tits the size of watermelons. She had the ability to make my cock hard as a rock with just the way she moved. Jamie and I had fucked a number of times.… Lees meer

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Now a Married Slut Wife

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My name is Susan. Like many women, I'm bored with my marriage Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful man and I still consider myself very much in love with him. But like most men, he's under a lot of stress to perform at work, and that, with a lot of travel, has taken its toll on our sex life. Even before the job became so stressful, we weren't what you would call adventuresome in bed. The other morning I was looking at myself in the mirror and thought, hell I'm still a good-looking white woman at thirty. My body, which measures 38-25-33, is still firm and smooth, and with my short hair… Lees meer

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Me and my sister

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The blinding light seeped through the blinds and into my eyes. It was Friday 21st December and for those of you who don't know, the world hasn't ended. I sluggishly walked to the bathroom and ran a shower. The warm water cascaded over my defined chest, a friend a few years my senior helped me workout and transformed my body. I stepped out of the shower and dried off. "Oliver Leo is downstairs" shouted my mother. "Tell him to come up" I said. "Hey man" said Leo. Hey, I just gotta get changed quick" I told him. "So who you gotta buy for?" He asked "My mom, dad and gra… Lees meer

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Jane was older than Phoebe and me. She use to watch us when Mom was busy running errands or working late. She was a nice girl, but withdrawn. Perhaps it was because of the difference in our ages. She never said much to either me or Phoebe. Most of the time she sat by the living room window reading old books with worn-out, ugly covers. Jane usually looked like she had started to dress for a formal occasion and then changed her mind. She liked to wear skirts and t-shirts. If she wore makeup, she wouldn't makeup her entire face; some days she'd have on a little lipstick, other days she'd wear a l… Lees meer

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My brother and his friends use to build these clubhouses in the woods behind the house. My brother use to call me “tag along” because he was suppose to watch me even when we hung out with his friends. One summer day I was in the club house with my brother’s friend David who was four years older than me. He asked me if I had ever seen someone else’s dick? I said no. He said that he would show me his if I showed him mine. I said no. He said if you want to be in the club you have to do what I say. David then told me to think of it like your pulling out to pee. We all had stopped and took a leak i… Lees meer

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Moms bad idea

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It was another long friday for cindy once again her day was full of random errands that made it hard for her to enjoy the day. But finally she was home and ready to relax with her husband. Her daughter (kat) is at her friends for the weekend and her being excited for the long needed break from the day cindy decided to get all dolled up for her husband and surprise him with a special night. She even puts on her new size 2 sexy pink laced lingerie with the crotchless bottoms even put the silk sheets on the bed. She set the mood for a perfect night and as she was close to finishing getting… Lees meer

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Get to work Suckin Bitch Gangbang Gay

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It all started with a phone call, a call that would change my life forever. I had been playing on a web site for about 6 months, writing erotic stories and talking with women that made my cock so hard I thought it make put a hole in my pants. I was a married man, so I knew I shouldn't have been there without my wife's permission. But I felt trapped in a sexless marriage and the web site and my writings were my only outlet from the pressures of every day life and the release I so desperately needed. I was chatting on-line with a great girl I had met recently on the site when I got the ca… Lees meer

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It Just Happened!


It Just Happened! Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad's age. There may be a hidden message in that fact, but who knows. It can be truthfully said that never during the time the girls lived at home with their Dad, did he ever entertain the thoughts of fucking any one of them. He was their father and was raised that i****t is a sin. He has strict rules in his house and they follow them. He… Lees meer

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Dinner with my bfs dad


So today me and my boyfriend are having dinner with his dad. My boyfriend said he would be there around 6, and told me to meet him there. So I got there and decided go head in first. I rang the doorbell and his dad answered. His dad greeted me and I walked in. "So he's not here yet?" I asked, taking a seat on the couch. "Nah, should have been by now though." His dad said sitting next to me. He turned on the tv and flipped to a****l planet. "Weird, he said he would be." I said. Then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, saying he would be running late because something came up at work. "So that w… Lees meer

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Skys the Limit Ch. 01

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Reginald Hutchins watched his daughter throw her bag over her shoulder then locked the front door. He made a movement towards her with the intention of relieving her of the heavy load but she shook her head as she made her way to his SUV. Sky was small in frame and height but with a heart as big as the universe. She looked like an exact copy of his wife Cheri, with her long honey blond hair, creamy white skin, and round hips. The differences, Sky's eyes were the greyest grey and she wasn't as developed in the chest area as her mother. Comparing the two was another indication that his gorgeous… Lees meer

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90 Days Changed Me into a Pussy Gay

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While this is mostly a tale of sexual fantasy, it is in some ways based on true events. I'm a great lover of big black cock, and have truly had many wonderful experiences with them. All names have been changed, but I did actually spend 90 days with 5 beautiful black thugs, and did get a taste of some of the delicious dark meat, and at least got to see some of it every day, this is what I wished had really happened. So those of you who enjoy big, thick, throbbing black cocks, enjoy! I was a notorious drinker at one time, and had gotten several D.U.I.'s, but luckily had never spent more than… Lees meer

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Grandma's Magic Resort - Part V

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'Grandma's Magic Resort' - Part V an erotic journey by DizzyD The fam1ly that plays together The next morning Susan was the first one awake. As she rubbed her eyes she thought about the incredible experience she had shared with her mother and Walter, her mom’s well-hung boyfriend… first at the ‘Paradise Pool’, and then at Walter’s house. She felt her pussy quiver as she remembered watching Walter suck a handsome stranger’s cock until he came in his mouth, and then seeing him swap the man’s cum with Joni, who then kissed her deeply, letting some of the stranger’s load leak into… Lees meer

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Going back where I started - Cocksucking!


From the time I got married till now, sex with my wife has never peaked to the level that I imagined. My wife never came around to real letting loose and enjoying sex, I have drifted and found other women who have completely enjoyed sex – but, those times have past. I know many of you reading this are in the same situation, spending you time alone watching porn, going on chat rooms, anything to get off. I have always enjoyed watching women giving blow jobs, especially when they are enjoyed what there doing, not just going through the motions. I find the live sites the best viewing, the ones… Lees meer

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Sex ed...sort of

AnaalHomoGroep sex

Sometime in the 80s I had gone with a friend(Jeff) of mine to drop off his k**s at his parents house about 50 miles away. We were gonna go hiking nearby for a couple days. He dropped me off with a friend of his while he went to drop his k**s off and hang out for a few hours. He didn't know that on occasion I enjoyed sucking a nice cock , which made it kinda funny when he was dropping me off. He told me he thought this guy was a" little strange" , but that he was cool. Anyway, he left me with Tim, and took off. Tim was very friendly, offered me something to drink and eat, and we started ta… Lees meer

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Perfect Revenge on my EX BF with his Mom

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When people first see me, no one makes eye contact... guys or girls... young or old. The first thing they look at... usually unable to stop staring at is my tits... which come from a long line of big tits (my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother all are skinny (I'm 126 pounds and 5'4") and huge breasted (I'm a 38DD))... part of my Latina heritage. Now although I have a great body with a small waist and a tight ass (I run every morning, and I tan every chance I get), I have a tough time holding onto a man. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an extreme introvert. When I mention this c… Lees meer

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Wife gets all the Cock and I get all the Cum

FetishGroep sex

When I was 25, I married Lana a 19 year old geeky beauty who had just inherited a large amount of money. She had very limited sexual experience before me so the fact that I could only last 4-5 minutes didn't faze her. I have always cum fairly quickly, even if I thought about other things. Early in our relationship, I could last 4-5 minutes most of the time and occasionally longer. Unfortunately, as I have aged the amount of time I can last has decreased. By the time I was 32 I could only last 1-2 minutes. It is really unfortunate because I have a fairly thick 8" cock but can't perform well.… Lees meer

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The Neighbors Naughty Daughter

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I leaned against the bar watching the action out on the dance floor and couldn't help licking my lips. God bless summer! Everywhere my eyes wandered, I spotted exactly what Doug and I had come here to find: plenty of hot young things. Even better, the first heat wave of the season had caused inspired the club had to open up its beachfront a week early. We'd caught wind of the opening last night ago, and after our usual Saturday-night dinner date, we'd taken a ride to the under 21 club and spent over an hour sitting out on a deck that overlooked the beach. The girls were out there wearing nex… Lees meer

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My Wank Buddy Matt and his Girlfriend Shelley


PART 1 *** BEST BUDDIES *** Matt's mum and dad owned the first video store in our little town. Matt and I would stay either after school or Sundays in this bed-sit unit above the shop and watch videos until our perants finished work. The first time I stayed overnight it started, Matts mum closed store at 8pm then came up to fetch us.. We begged her to let us stay the night. In the end she agreed saying she would see us with breakfast in the morning. The moment she left Matt bolted downstairs returning with a… Lees meer

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mom's unfilled


I was supposed to stay with my girlfriend that Friday night, we had gone to her house straight after school, done our homework had some dinner and watched the TV for an hour or two. Unfortunately, though we had one of those arguments couples have, an argument that starts out of nothing and neither will remember what its about or why it even started. The following morning both of us would be apologising but not even knowing who started it. I stormed out and began the short walk home, leaving my school bag behind, just grabbing my overnight bag. The walk home only took a few minutes, but gave me… Lees meer

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Beyond Mothers Kiss (2)


I feel as if my spirit has been electrified by the recent encounters. My son Michael is relishing in my offerings and seems to spend more time at home, than ever before. My two year seductive indoctrination was successful and I've begun to take small steps forward. This is truly the most erotic adventure I've ever embarked upon, far beyond what I expected,... and I yearn for more. It was just eight days ago when I displayed my breasts to him while he eagerly licked and sucked them for the first time. Flashes of me leaning over him, entrapping Michael into my cleavage oc… Lees meer

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Mrs Jones p2

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After fucking my hot thirty something blonde neighbour Mrs Jones, I could hardly think about any thing else, and for the next few days I hung at every window in my parents house waiting for her to call me over again. But to my frustration Mr Jones was suddenly spending time at home, and even though I caught her eye several times over the next few days, she never once indicated to me to meet her. Finally I couldn't take it any more, and slipping out of the house one afternoon, I climbed over the back fence into Mrs Jones back garden, and then crept towards the house, and then I saw Mrs Jones in… Lees meer

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Passed Around Like a Bottle of Booze

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Passed Around Like a Bottle of Booze By billy69boy I loved the holiday season alright, but part of me dreaded going home for break. I enjoyed seeing my old friends and my family, but now that I had a taste of freedom and independence living on campus, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to want to get out of there as soon as possible. Mostly it was my parents. I know they meant well, but they just had a way of driving me crazy without really even trying. So, I wasn't surprised that it only took me half a day at home before I excused myself after lunch and mumbled something about v… Lees meer

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I'm Fucked Change into Women

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I was sitting at my apartment, feeling depressed. I'd just been dumped by my girlfriend, I'd had my work hours cut back so I barely had enough money for food, rent and utilities. Most of my so-called friends dropped me when my girl did. So I was sitting there, not even any money to buy beer. Drinking water and watching TV. My roommate Nick asked me if I wanted to go out and have some fun. I told him I had no money to have any fun. He said we could have fun on someone else's dime. "How in hell are we going to do that?" "I got ways -- believe me." "Like what, for instance?" "You… Lees meer

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Ultimate Sin 1

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Troy Long was fucking in his bed , but no one was there but him , he was thrusting his hips upwards moaning in his sleep : OH God Mom! he was saying, Troy felt his cock shoot his cum into the air , he woke with a start, feeling his cum on his stomach. Troy sat up in bed holding his head, he seen all the cum on him he went to wash it off, he looked into the mirror; asking himself what`s wrong with him ? Why was he having these dreams about his mom? When he had a beautiful girl friend , Troy went back to sleep , but once again began to dream about his mom , he was laying on his stomach wi… Lees meer

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The training that uncoupled a life time

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When my husband gave me a fitness club membership for my birthday I thought he was trying to give me a hint about my weight or condition although he swore it was only because he knew how much I loved working out. Even at 42 my curvy hips and big boobs were still turning heads and being a petite woman with long reddish hair and bright green eyes I have had more than my share of unwanted advances. I knew I'd have to fight off the loser's at the fitness club but decided to go anyway to make my husband feel as if his gift was appreciated. I was asked if I'd prefer a male or female trainer to whic… Lees meer

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Boss get Me and My Wife Blacken

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My name is Paul, and I have worked at GMAF for about five years. I am 28, and have worked my ass off trying to get ahead. There is an opening for a junior vice-president, and I intend to have it. My wife, Holly, is presently unemployed. She is 24, 5' 3", 34-24-36. She is not a movie star, nor the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is very pretty, with a wholesome innocence about her. Have you ever heard of a 23-year-old virgin today? Well, Holly was. My immediate supervisor is Mr. Beal. That is what he demands everyone in his section call him. He is a large black male about 35.… Lees meer

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