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He gets sloppy seconds


It was a Saturday morning. It started off just perfectly. After a nice evening out, my husband and I were still sleeping. I was wearing a tee and a pair of panties. As I was slowly waking up, I felt my husband wrap his arm around me and slide up behind me. His hands slowly caressed me, over my tee, as I felt him rub my breasts and my stomach. I also felt his hardness behind me as he started to pump against me, letting me know he wanted me. That was good, as I definitely wanted him too. I pushed back against him, grinding my panty covered pussy against his cock. Finally, we couldn't take it an… Lees meer

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She saw him cum

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Danny lay on his bed, stroking his cock off with wild abandon. His single minded purpose was to get off, shoot his creamy white wad to give himself comfort and release. His firm grip encircled his youthful manhood in a death-like grasp and his pumping had become a blur to the eye. Danny felt his balls retract as his scrotum began to tighten, and he knew he was close to cumming. He was so focused on bringing about his release of sperm that Danny did not hear his bedroom door open, nor took any notice of it or the gasp of shock and total astonishment that escaped from his mother’s lips. He cont… Lees meer

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Just My Mouth, Daddy

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"You're pretty quiet," I said to my teenaged daughter, sitting in the passenger seat of my camaro, "what's on your mind?" Sasha looked at me, smiled and said "Nothing, really. Just spaced out." Her eyes had that special sparkle they always had when she was lying to me. I could read my daughter as easily as you're reading this right now. She and I had always been very close, and that hadn't changed as she'd begun to grow into a beautiful young woman. She was beautiful indeed. Her mom was Russian born, and unbelievably gorgeous, but very slender in the way that most Eastern European women a… Lees meer

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The only time that wrestling comes to our small city and my best buddy Kerry can't make it, I called around trying to find someone else who wanted to go. Coming up empty with every call, I sat on the couch with my other two buddies' Bobby and Mike. "Great we got four tickets and only three of us going." I said to them. "Well we can scalp the one at the auditorium." Said Bobby. "What and sit next to some loser we don't even know." Replied Mike crossing his arms across his chest. Just then my mother Amanda walked into the living room, both of my friends shut up and stared at her as she plopp… Lees meer

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Cumming on Sister

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Holy fuck. I thought, as I swiped my thumb across my sisters iphone revealing yet another nude selfie. This one was from above as she held her blonde hair up and pouted in that stupid duck-face way that teenage girl do these days. Claire was three years younger than me. She was eighteen and she was the biggest pain in my ass you could imagine. She was the 'it' girl in her high-school and she walked around like the world owed her a fucking debt of gratitude with her short skirts and her blonde hair and her fake tan. Don't get me wrong, I understood why she acted like this, she was hot, sexy a… Lees meer

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He bends his sister over the sink

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Matt had recently graduated from high school after turning 18 and was spending his summer off just being lazy. Sure, he worked out a few times a week and hung out with his friends when he could, but when they go together they didn't do much because they all had the same idea to just relax for as long as they could until they all had to go off to school again in the fall. The friends he had with jobs were even more lazy when they had time off, so it worked out well for all of them when the decision was to just be lazy and hang around in one of their rec-rooms. It was usually over at Matt's hous… Lees meer

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A son is initiated by his mother into sex

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Dan was comfortably seated in his chair in front of the computer, with both his feet on the computer desk. His right hand was stroking his 7 inch dick, to prevent a quick ejaculation, while his left hand was cupping and massaging his balls. As it was his habit from a couple of years now, he inserted his white butt plug. His breathing was already heavy and drops of sweat were forming on his slender naked body. From time to time he used his index finger to collect a drop of precum and it tasted to him like nectar. His eyes were glued to the monitor, were he was watching porn. And not just any p… Lees meer

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My Girlfriends Family

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I started seeing my girlfriend Hannah when we were in college, she was a hot redhead with a few freckles on her nose, a great toned body that she kept fit with regular trips to the gym, and a nice cleavage that you could sit a beer bottle between, although she will belt you for doing it. Now, I had met her parents briefly a couple of times when they had come to visit her, and both of them seemed really nice, her father Rob Green was tall, well built and funny, and her mother Zoe Green looked very similar to her daughter, a fit redhead with a similar size cleavage and always asked how I was. Th… Lees meer

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She sucked my dick!


Know what my Mom did? She sucked my dick, that's what! And because she did, it may have saved her life. Here's what happened. I'm 43, average kind of guy , but shy and single. Pam, my Mom, called me up and said that her apartment was being painted and she wanted to stay at my place overnight. Naturally, I said okay. Mom is 67, divorced from my dad for 15 years, she's still very pretty but she says she doesn't want to get romantically involved with anyone just now. She brought a pizza over and we ate and had some beers then I went to take a shower. I stepped out of the shower and there was m… Lees meer

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Daddy finds out what his slut daughter wants from

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I couldn't believe my own daughter, Keisha, sucked my dick and made me cum in her mouth. It happened a little over two hours ago and I stayed locked up in my room, hiding from her. After I came in my little girl's mouth, I told her what she did was wrong and she had to leave my room right away. As I lay in my bed wondering what I was going to do I couldn't help but smile as I remember cumming in her mouth. She swallowed some of my cum but after she couldn't take any more my baby juices were all over her face. My wife, Lisa, hasn't let me cum in her mouth for months now. She complains about the… Lees meer

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Scheduling Daughter's Friend

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Scheduling Daughter's Friend ---------- Sitting in my favorite out-of-sight spot at work, I overhear many conversations from casual chitchat to some very intense private talks. My private space is important for me to relax and get away from the everyday activities for even a short time, recharge my battery so to speak. One afternoon, my youngest sister, Ashley, and one of her friends were sitting around talking quietly. Usually I ignore my sister's conversations as being c***dish and boring, but my attention was peaked when I heard them talking about Dad. "Does your dad hang out in the barn… Lees meer

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so happy the wife no longer wants sex.


My wife started losing interest in sex about 5 years ago, and lost all interest 3 years ago. She last spread her legs for me two and a half years ago and she firmly refuses to fuck me or anyone, she says it now feels uncomfortable and it even hurts because my dick is too thick, (it's 7 inches around) so she will pass. I have made some jokes and comments about it around other people, including our k**s. They are 26 (girl) and (29) boy. So I don't think I damaged them or anything. I should say here that they are actually my step k**s but I raised them from ages 4 and 7, so they remember no othe… Lees meer

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— A young man loses his virginity to his mother

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Summer vacation was winding down fast, taking with it the last vestiges of freedom that my sisters and I had been so thoroughly enjoying. All too soon, I would be starting my senior year in high school and it would be back to dull grind of boring routine. "Samuel T. Young, you need a haircut, young man!" Sick and tired of the shaggy look I was sporting, my mother took me by the arm that Sunday and propelled me into the kitchen. A dining room chair had already been prepositioned on the linoleum tile there, I discovered. On the corner of a conveniently nearby counter, meanwhile, were the rest… Lees meer

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David lusts for his mother.

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David rested his head against his headboard, while on the other side of the wall, his mother screamed out yet another orgasm. His cock was firmly held in his hands, as his mother screaming to be fucked harder and harder. In his mind it was him, David, she was screaming for. He could feel himself getting close, but wanted to delay that pleasure, until she was done. He gripped the base of himself, and waited for the sensation to ebb. "Oh, fuck. Yeah, right there, baby, right there. Keep that up and you're gonna make me cum agaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!" That did it, and his semen shot out, making a hig… Lees meer

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My wife's cum filled pussy

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Convincing my wife to cuckold me was a breeze. At five foot three and one hundred pounds even Andrea always drew attention from men when we were out. She keeps her mousey brown hair bleached blond and it's shoulder length. With her blue eyes she is a doll. Her perky thirty four b cup tits never needs a bra and she never wears one. One evening I asked her if she ever thought about having sex with someone else. She said sure, she added everyone thinks about it. I pushed on and said would you actually do it? She said not if it would hurt our relationship. I said what if I gave you my blessing.… Lees meer

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— A little sister has her charms.

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Nate answered the phone, muting the TV. He smiled when he heard his little sister's voice. "Hey Nate, How's it going?" Vivian asked, speaking loudly. Nathan thought she might be in traffic from the background noise. "Not bad. What are you up to?" "My eyeballs in traffic is what I'm up to. Are you at your place?" "Yeah, why?" "Because I'm on my way there. I'm at the interchange right now." He glanced down at the clock on his cell. "Were you planning on driving in rush hour?" He chuckled. "No, but that's when I had to go. I'll be there in a few minutes, ok?" "Yeah, I guess. Probably be… Lees meer

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Sis needs Bro's help with a personal matter.

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Sometimes a member of one's own family requests help from an unlikely candidate in the most unorthodox of circumstances and that person must simply comply. Bound only by the obligations of unconditional love of a sibling, one must do what they have to do no matter the situation. This is the harrowing tale of a brother coming to the aid of his sister in a desperate time of need. This story takes place back in the late 80's when my sister Tina and I were still both 18. I was ten months older than her so we were always the closest of our three siblings. Our oldest sister had already gone off to… Lees meer

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A Country girl


I was 32 when I moved back to the country. I had grown up there, and loved going back to visit, but never thought I would move back. After 2 failed marriages, and my job being eliminated again, I thought it was time. I needed to be around family. I was the only one that moved away from our small town. My Mom lived about 10 miles away from the nearest town, which only had a population of about 4500. I went to stay with her at first, until I could get on my feet, and find my own place. She was retired by this time, and stayed at home most of the time. She lived in a big farm house she was renti… Lees meer

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Frat girls part 2

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So after my neighbor Alyssa moved in, i had gotten head from one of her friends. The, body on this little brunette was the thing of legends, i desperately wanted to fuck her, but after our little trist, she go a boyfriend. Dam, i waited too long and played it too cool. But then, one day Beth showed up on a hot summer day sweating and her eye liner runningl, i said, are you ok? Is alyssa home? i kept knocking but there is nobody home? Nope, she is at work tonite. Are you ok i asked again? She replies, no, my bf and i had a big fight, he broke up with me and said he wants to be single and doesn… Lees meer

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As step-sisters go, Mary was OK, in her own way. Suffice to say that I mean when things went her way. Out parents had married a couple of years ago, I only met Mary at the wedding. She was married to some sort of corporate lawyer, who was always on his phone. And I suppose we viewed each other with a little apprehension. So I think we both agreed that for the sake of our respective parents, we got along, but there was no real brother sister relationship. After the wedding, and the happy couple flew off on honeymoon, we both went our separate ways. Fast forward two years, and I was back at my… Lees meer

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Crossdressing at the truck stop


Hello this is my first story I really hope you enjoy it I am a crossdressing truck driver and with my job I have a lot of time to enjoy dressing up in my truck. One night I was all dressed up in one of my sexy outfits watching some porn and thinking about trying to find a nice hard cock to suck. So I put an ad on Craigslist and got a few but none of them wanted to come to me then I got a message from a guy, he said that he was a driver and was at the truck stop. I ask him what he wanted to do and he said that a BJ would be nice. I told him what truck I was in and that I would be ready I a fe… Lees meer

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Bet with a black man

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He bet the black man couldn’t fuck his wife and lost..or did he? I had always had a fantasy about my wife Joyce fucking another man, but when I finally told her about it she reacted by saying, “I’ve never slept with anyone else before, and at age 42 I don’t intend to start now.” Then she added, “Why would you want the mother of your three c***dren to have sex with someone else anyway?” She made me feel so terrible for ever suggesting such a think that I apologized profusely and let the matter drop. But a year later, something happened to make my desire to see my wife with another man com… Lees meer

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Sex with Daddy

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I couldn't believe my own daughter, Keisha, sucked my dick and made me cum in her mouth. It happened a little over two hours ago and I stayed locked up in my room, hiding from her. After I came in my little girl's mouth, I told her what she did was wrong and she had to leave my room right away. As I lay in my bed wondering what I was going to do I couldn't help but smile as I remember cumming in her mouth. She swallowed some of my cum but after she couldn't take any more my baby juices were all over her face. My wife, Lisa, hasn't let me cum in her mouth for months now. She complains about the… Lees meer

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Young Sister

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It was becoming a regular habit now. Once for sure, more often twice, and once in awhile, 3-times a week I would go by Cathy's early in the morning to say "Hi". To maintain protocol, I would even go by the dreaded week and get terrific blow jobs. Often, I arrived even before Bill pulled out and headed for work. We would chat, then I would head in to lay some meat between my sisters thighs. The more I stopped by, the hornier Cathy got. We each anticipated our time before and after the girls left for school. It was now consistently MWF mornings. Cathy and I grew closer, the girls now expected… Lees meer

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Drunk Sister Playing

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My parents went away for the weekend. My parents had my older sister Lori on a short leash most weekends. That Saturday night I heard her coming in the house late. She was making a ton of noise. I figured she must be drunk. Sure enough I heard her go into her bedroom. Then she called out to me. "Joey come here and help me." I was eighteen at the time and I felt like I was the responsible one. I got out of bed and walked into my sister's room. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Come over here and help me get undressed," she said. I thought she must be crazy. Lori sat there giggling li… Lees meer

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Older sister tutors younger brother.

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It was summer vacation, so Alex was home from college. He was playing video games in the afternoon when he heard the front door open. No one was supposed to be home, so getting up from the computer he walked into the front hall to find his older sister Liza there. He hadn't seen her for a few months since she had gone back to grad school, and she looked...different. Gone were the sweatpants and baggy tops. She had on tight yoga pants and some sort of scooped top that showed her breasts. She stepped forward and hugged him, her full breasts pushing against his chest. "Hi my favorite brother. Mi… Lees meer

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First Gay Massage


As I was feeling a little tight in my back I decided to check out the local paper for a masseuse, one in particular catching my attention. It said, "men's massage from 9am". The fact it was men's massage made my mind wonder about a happy ending. This thought alone made my desire for male pleasure tingle along my cock as I hurriedly rang him to book in. I was pleasantly surprised when a gentle male voice answered, asking me of my needs and a time that suited me. I explained as some tightness in my back that needed a good rub and hoping for a time as soon as possible. He said he would be free i… Lees meer

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It was the first time


Dan and Lisa had always had a great love for a****ls. They owned a large farm with several varieties of them from dogs to cow and horses. They even had a few goats and sheep. It was nothing spectacular but they were happy. Lisa had been gone for several days visiting her sick mother in Ohio when Dan decided that he needed to fuck. He didn't have the heart to cheat on Janice though. This left him with a serious dilemma. It was then Cassie, their beautiful black lab came into the picture. She had been outside romping in the summery breeze most of the day. He always let her out to play a lot mor… Lees meer

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Being a young gay teen I spent most of my time at home , there went many openly gay k**s in school or around my small town ,so I had very few friends and I hid the fact I was gay from them ,even my mom and sister didn't know. The 3 of us lived in a suburban development in a nice 2 story house ,the yard boarded by hedge for privacy the same as our neighbors ,every house looked the same, a few like the one next to ours had pools in there backyards. By my senior year my sister was away at college and with mom at work I was home alone most of the time and spent a lot of it watching porn sites li… Lees meer

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Our new neighbor watches us work in the yard


It was only mid May and the temperatures were already in the low nineties. The early heat had brought heavy rains with it causing the lawn and garden grow wild and fast leading to long afternoons of yard work in the hot sun. The wife and I had spent the better part of the morning pulling weeds and mowing but after hours of work, we were finally finishing up and would be able to relax for the rest of the day. Its was Saturday so we both had the next day off and could get away with having a few drinks by the pool as a reward for all of our hard work. I started mixing some mojitos while she went… Lees meer

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I want my father in law to get me pregnant

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This story is based on some truth but not entirely. When my husband Charles and I, Lynlee, first got married we couldn’t afford much so we moved into his dad Eric’s house. Eric’s wife had passed away when Charles was young and as Charles was the youngest of their c***dren Eric had the house to himself so there was plenty of room for us. It was awkward at first for me sharing a bathroom and laundry room with two men. On a few occasions I’d hear Eric walking around and think it was my husband. When we were first married and talking about having k**s it was a touchy subject. Charles wanted to… Lees meer

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Daughter helps mom unwind and relax

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I was hot and I had had enough! Everything that could go wrong went wrong today! First of all I slept through my alarm and missed the train, which meant I was late for work for the 3rd time this week. Next, while rushing to work my heel broke on my new shoes, and I twisted my ankle. I limped into work already flustered. I thought I was going to get through the day with out the ominous third thing happening, when I lost a very important file for the law firm, one that got me into serious trouble. Hi, sorry for complaining so much but I had to tell someone! The day really was about to get bette… Lees meer

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The Babysitter

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Falling victim to the fashion trend of the tight black leggins, left almost nothing to the imagination, as her legs, small hips, and the tiny gap between her thighs, were open-season for anyone who dared to view them for more than two seconds. She was not the first babysitter Mister I would have chosen to watch his k**s, since Teagan was just a k** herself, yet he also didn't dare to tell his wife that he found her to be somewhat of a distraction as well. "The k**s love her," she always said, "She such a nice and polite girl," he remembered her saying once. Teagan was just starting middle scho… Lees meer

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His mother's turn

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The next few weeks for Matt went pretty much the way that first one did after having sex with Jen, the younger of his two older sisters. The two of them went on fooling around for the most part, and only having sex when they thought that they had the house to themselves, like when their father and sister were at work, and their mother was shopping, or out jogging in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. What they never seemed to realize was that their older sister Sally had caught them during their second sex session, and had been secretly keeping her eye on them as well, wishing that she co… Lees meer

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I give straight friend help by way of first time m

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My name is James, when I was in my late 20's I had my first male encounter and really enjoyed it, eager for more. The one thing I really wanted was to have a guy bareback me but not willing to let just anybody have me. Some time later I went to a bikers party, was more like a club get together than a wild bikers weekend,this is where mine and as you will read, my buddies desires come to life! I had gone for the past few years with a long time buddy from high school, John, both of us always crashing in the same tent and splitting some of the costs, never being anything more than that. Last y… Lees meer

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Joining A Couple Turns Bi

Groep sexHomo

I had been chatting to a local couple for a few weeks, getting to know each other with the ultimate desire to fulfill her fantasy of having 2 guys pleasure her every need, telling one another of our likes and dislikes, what we wanted to do and enjoy, no one mentioning anything bi which I would liked to have heard but never bringing it up for fear of ruining any future happenings, eventually feeling like we were all happy and ready to meet, firstly for a drink only to put a face to our talks and to soften the nerves. We organized to meet at a bar close to their place around 7pm, a decision the… Lees meer

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I love fucking young boys and girls I am very much bi and get a hard on when I see either young boys or girls in tight trousers showing off their tight pert arse cheeks wriggling sexily as they stroll around I dream of fucking their tight arse holes with equal sexual desire I learned early from my granpa about enjoying all forms of cock fun I used to go to his house after school when I started to get erections He used to show me porno mags with girls being fucked but also with young boys being fucked by old men He told me to slowly wank my cock and as it got hard he would take it in hi… Lees meer

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Norma - part one


Norma was born on a farm to very loving parents. Being an only c***d she was always alone; she had no real chores or jobs to do on the farm except for gathering the eggs which were a money making commodity for the farm, she was annoyed when at the age of ten she was sent away to boarding school; she no longer had the freedom that she enjoyed on the farm. At least when she did have the holidays when she would come home. Her parents had given her a puppy when she was about six years old, for company; every time she came home the pup was always happy to see her. It was on one of these holidays a… Lees meer

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Baseball Boys

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Baseball Boys ---------- She felt flattered when asked to go along with Steven and his baseball team from school as a Chaperone. He explained that the school required them for the bus trip to the city for the Cardinal's game and at the last minute, their chaperone had dropped out. They had excellent tickets on the first base line and the bus was a first class charter, all she had to do was be with them at the stadium and on the bus. The boys were high school juniors and seniors and anxious to see a professional ball team for the first time so she did not expect it to be to difficult of a job.… Lees meer

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Here I was standing in front of Kenny dressed as mt sister as he sat naked on the edge of my bed, I felt so sexy and feminine as he just stared at me his hard cock in hand , again I leaned over and kissed him then stood back . " Well Kenny do you like it " he said yes as he stroked his cock " Leave that cock alone it's mine, just sit there and enjoy " i said in a soft voice as I took a hit from the popper and he did the same as the rush came over me I stepped back so he could really see me .I slowly turned and began teasing him, bending over so he could see my panties and garter as the shor… Lees meer

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My First Big Black Cock

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MY FIRST BIG BLACK COCK I still remember the very first time I got to feel and taste my very first black cock. It was a fantasy of mine for a while, but I was too damn nervous and paranoid to actually make this fantasy come true. First of all, It's not that I'm attracted to black men over any other race of men. It was just the fact that supposedly black men had bigger cocks than anyone else and I was going to make sure that if I did try a black cock, It would be of bigger than average size. Well, One weekend after I came home from a night of drinking somewhat heavily at a local clu… Lees meer

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Fun at Bangkok

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On Holiday and Pick up A ladyboy Hooker for some sexy fun As I drove my rental car through the crowded streets of Bangkok, Thailand I stared at the dozens of ladyboy hookers touting for business on the streets. I have always had a thing for transsexuals. Ever since I can remember I have trawled the internet for pictures of shemales and trannys. I just love to look at their huge dicks and big shemale tits. I spend almost every night either looking at pictures or watching pornhub videos of shemale sex. Sometimes I also use a live tranny webcam site and interact with them on there but it has alwa… Lees meer

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Real ex gf making me eat cum

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Dana and I had been together for about a month and my sex life had never been better. We were both in college and she was the first girl to really get me to explore my sexuality. She was a beautiful 21 year old blond at the time. She had a fat ass but small waist and really big tits. When we first got together (as seen in my first story) she opened me up to face sitting which is now my ultimate fantasy. We were out at a bar one evening getting absolutely blitzed and dancing. She was very open about sexual contact in public. Nothing stopped her from reaching into my pants on the dance floor a… Lees meer

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Seduced by my best friend pat 2

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Again, just like the first part, everything is true except his name. Back when I was 18, my best friend growing up, once seduced me during a sleep over. It was the first real sex I had ever had. I had gone out with girls in high school and still love women, but I never had the opportunity to go all the way with them and with Steven, well, the curiosity was just too great. We had spent last summer sleeping over at each other's house every weekend on the guise of playing video games or watching movies, but his parents and my parents both worked until after midnight, so sometimes we had hours to… Lees meer

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Daddy starts obsessing over his daughter's bo

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My daughter Madison was definitely something else. Nice big round ass and a pair of tits to die for, 34D. I only knew because she made a point about how big her breasts have gotten over the years while buying new bras. Madison's mother passed away when she was just a teenager so it's been just me and her ever sense. I had to play mom and dad for Madi, most of the times it was difficult, however my little Madi was worth it. She is 22 now and in college, I told her as long as she keeps her grades up she can stay at home and not have to worry about getting a job. Madi always kept her end of the… Lees meer

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Mama's girls.

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I probably should have been full of questions, and later on I probably would be, but for right now the only thing I was thinking of was the pulsing wetness between my thighs. Mother stood back and watched as Sheri kissed my neck. I held my mother's gaze while Sheri's hands swept in an upward motion over my waist then my abdomen then my ribcage until finally she brushed her palms over my nipples. She pulled my nipples between her fingers and pinched them as her teeth grazed my neck. I moaned her name and turned to face her. Lifting her shirt over her head I tugged her left nipple between my… Lees meer

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My first time getting fucked. True Story

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When I was a young boy I had my first cock inside of me. I wasn't sure what I was doing but it felt so good. One of my older brothers friends usto go to our house to chill. he didn't look gay or act gay, he looked like a thug, he was handsome and had a great body. him and my brother would always talk about fucking girls, from then on I was so interested in sex. I always wondered how girls felt to get fucked, how a cock tasted and I always imagined getting fucked, but never thought it would happen since I didn't consider myself gay or bi. I always fantasized about cocks, and how they tasted a… Lees meer

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The Babysitter (ENF)

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Hannah asked herself “How did I end up here?”. Her hands were securely restrained by a pair of handcuffs, which in turn were tied around a metal road at floor level. To hold her balance, Hannah had to have her palms on the floor. The balancing act did not become any easier considering she was standing on high heels. To make matters even worse, these heels were also the only article of clothing Hannah was wearing. The story begins with an innocent high schooler babysitting two very naughty young girls, who had a way of getting Hannah in any position they wanted. Let’s back up a bi… Lees meer

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Our FIRST Time…

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I can remember the night it happened like it was yesterday and I still wish today it would happen over and over again. I was sitting in my hot tub alone and naked like any other night, but this night I got a text from a life long friend Steven, asking what I was doing. I told him I was in the hot tub relaxing and asked what was up? He asked if he could stop over because his back could use the use of the hot tub. I told him surely and to stop over. I told him I need to put on boxers since he was coming over. He texted LOL and that I didn’t need to do that for him. Steven is Bi-Sexual, but no on… Lees meer

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The Twin


THE TWIN The Fifties and Sixties, what a great time to grow up. Our family all lived fairly close to one another in a rural area outside a small town in CA. I had a much older brother and two older cousins. Being so much younger than they, I was somewhat of a novelty and was always doted upon especially by my two aunts, one of which was a twin to my Mother, that aunt will be the focus of this story and fantasy. She was the twin although not identical to my Mom. They always had identical thoughts, but appearance… Lees meer

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