Brunette with big tits plays with a vibrator while giant cock fucks her ass

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4 uren geleden
Bit of a strange video. Love the cum shot though
1 dag geleden
check this is the best sex webcam site :)
2 dagen geleden
4 dagen geleden
He is 10" maybe 11" at best. Which granted is huge but people have no concept of measurement.
4 dagen geleden
What was the point of the rubber? He left it in her asshole.
10 dagen geleden
Love this, one of my favorite vid
12 dagen geleden
another know it all
13 dagen geleden
What a cock and so much cum i luv it
14 dagen geleden
Sorry but she made this u watchable making all that noise!!! I would take him balls deep in my ass.
23 dagen geleden
Holy shit what a monstercock
26 dagen geleden
perfekt babe
27 dagen geleden
Spammer, please report this person!
28 dagen geleden
was für ein Schwanz! Hab ihn meiner Frau gezeigt und sie hat große Augen bekommen...aber auch gleich gesagt, das sie Angst vor so einem Riesenteil hätte und ihn schon garnicht in ihrem Arsch haben möchte! Selbst blasen wäre ihr zu anstrengend, auch wenn die Ladung für alles entschädigen würde! Sie bleibt lieber bei meinem Normalschwanz!!
1 maand geleden
1 maand geleden
was für eine drecksau
1 maand geleden
my fantasy for my sexy mother!!!
1 maand geleden
not sure i'd want that cock in my ass
1 maand geleden
I really need this big black cock!
1 maand geleden
1 maand geleden
let me be her
1 maand geleden
Only years of careful training with a body predisposed with the said genetic benefits would allow anyone to do that. And that's why there's only a couple people on this site with videos showing (13"+) insertion with dildos they spent years training their muscles to learn to accept and not tear or rupture.
1 maand geleden
Apparently you don't have that good of a grasp on the human body and the limitations it has.

Unless you have a 1 in 1,000,000,000 genetic or non-hereditary keryotype mutation/abnormality, well, how do I put this....

humans do NOT and should NOT ever have or desire to use or to penetrate another with a penis measuring anything over 12 to 13" and that's being generous with your luck. Having sex with an 18" penis would result in immediate and fatal lacerations or rupturing of the soft tissue walls surrounding your colon and lower intestines. Resulting in sepsis poisoning which would then cause your body's gut bacteria and fecal bacteria to mix and digest you from the inside out until you develop painful ulcers that would smell like death and decay.

Basically: sex with 18" dick = DEATH from rotting from the inside, out until it pops and sends you into a painful spastic shock, then coma, then death quickly right afterward.
1 maand geleden
Cheryl DeSilva
1 maand geleden
i have turned my wife onto a few nice big black cocks but nothin like this guy. I would love to be able to surprise my wife with this awesome beautiful cock, if you're ever in new orleans please let me know. my wife and her black cock fucking girlfriends would love ya. got some good white pussy for ya here brother! keep fuckin the white pussy
1 maand geleden
fuck yes....her drowing on his cock and cum were mind blowing...soooooo fuckiiing gooood.....
1 maand geleden
1 maand geleden
Who can take ????
1 maand geleden
holy fuck
1 maand geleden
1 maand geleden
wish he forced it all the way in even if she didn't want to :-)

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